Uncertainly Hopeful

Conditioned by our ancestors we are programmed to fear.
Move. Create, Build — Share, do, make, learn and EARN.

Earn your freedom. Earn your rights. Earn your place. 
Earn your future, Earn your love.

This is a material world and it is up to you to get it. 
It is up to you to want it.

Ah, but if you don’t want it- then somehow you are noble?
But maybe you want something, maybe you are human.

How do you relate to the capitalist world around you?

Does this make you bad?
Does this make you guilty?

Are you judging? Or are we simply confused. 
Our root desires conflict with teachings of love and peace.

We just do not know what we want. 
Confusion. Lack of love — conditionality everywhere.

I hope you know that you are perfect. 
I hope you know that you are love.

You are also a product of your environment. 
And the western environment in which we live, has a lot of things confused.

We are all searching for love and have forgotten that it is the very stuff of which we are made.

There is no need to earn. There is no need to make. 
We simply have to BE.

From that space of BEING. All the rest follows. 

The heart has the capacity to exponentiate love;
A profound capacity to know and to connect to all that is.

For some reason though we are uncertain. 
And that keeps us moving. Moving forward, climbing and exploring. 
In the most beautiful way, this uncertainty creates life.

Let us embrace it. 
Let us explore it, knowing that out of nothing comes everything. 
This beautiful space of uncertainty is the potent gift of reality.

The anticipation of experience. 
The thrill of sensation which may rush through our bones.
Which may pang through our stomach and drop us to our knees.

Which may bring lightness into our hearts or sickness in our stomachs. 
Of which it is, we cannot be sure, we can only embrace.

This is living. This is life. For what else were we placed here to do?

Were we placed here to fear, to hoard or to achieve?
I think we were placed here to love.

In every moment, in every minute — returning to love. 
That means: do whatever you want to do, from the standpoint of love.

Deep love, radiant love and radical acceptance of your humanity. 
Do this and you will fly.

Truly learning to live, before you die.

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