Why Do You I …. X ?

Have you ever paused long enough to ask yourself why do I …. X ?

Is there a habit or a thought process that you hold onto that doesn’t seem constructive in your life?

What if I told you that asking this question does not mean that you have to self-blame or shame the parts of you that are afraid to be bad or afraid to be wrong?

Seriously this is not a shame exercise! Though the critic in you wants to.

Have you ever considered that there were given to you in childhood or by society and might not necessarily have to belong to you as an adult?

Your life does not have to have a special mission to have meaning. Your actions don’t have to be self-less to be valuable. You don’t have to save the world or support children in Africa in order to lead a meaningful life.

You do, however have to become aware of your intentions in the first place, and this is sometimes harder than it sounds.

Discovering our own true intentions is a slow and patient process that involves a mountain of self-compassion and a whole lot of forgiveness. If we’re lucky — some humour along the way.

Cultivating the observer is the key — This awareness is the first step to understanding. Maybe your observer is a sports commentator or has a funny accent. Whoever she is, I hope she is kind.

With Clarity around our thought processes we are then empowered to decide whether we would like to keep them or change them. No-matter how ingrained these patterns are, we always have FREE WILL .

We always have the ability to ask for help, and to take ownership over our lives. Humbly, start again.

Remember there is no right or wrong answer to WHY you do something, and no matter how extreme that self-loathing is- you may always forgive.

Forgiveness is DIVINE. (So are you, by-the-way)

So with gentle awareness and a kind voice,

ask yourself: WHY? — WHY NOT? and what do I decide now?

The power is always yours,

Claim it.

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