Why Shy?

Why be shy?

We seem to be afraid of other people’s judgement.

The thinking follows “it matters so much what other people think of me that I better hold fear in my body as I approach them.”

We are first judging ourselves as if we were not worthy of acceptance and love as we are in the moment.

This deep judgment is first pointing from ourselves, towards ourselves. We then project it to an outside figure and present ourselves as shy, nervous or scared.

Social programming has told us that there is something to be afraid of in the “other”
So we start being suspicious, blaming and differentiating ourselves from the “other”

Then we start rumours, which spreads fear and starts wars. 
Then we think it’s Ok to destroy our environment.

In our mind these people and things are somehow separate from us.

Otherness is an illness that is slowly killing our entire planet.

So drop it.

Let go of anything that tells you that you have to be afraid. 
That you have to be … anything for that manner.

You are perfect; you are whole. 
You are part of everything. 
Now treat everything and everyone as part of you.

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