Where I Live

I’ve spent over 10 years living in the southwest USA, mostly in a town about 30 minutes away from Phoenix called Maricopa. Phoenix isn’t a very ‘traditional’ big city. It’s very spread out, and only downtown has skyscrapers. I love going downtown because I get a glimpse of big city life. Condos, huge business buildings, and sports arenas. There’s much more to city life, but again, Phoenix isn’t traditional city life. Despite being so spread out, Phoenix only has 1.5 million people living in it. Many more people live in the Phoenix Metro. (including me!!!) The population of people living in the Phoenix Metro (area around Phoenix) is about half the population of the whole state of Arizona.

I think Arizona is kind of unattractive. At least the southern part. I can see why some people may think it’s beautiful, especially when you’re from places where you rarely see mountains and hills. I’ve gotten tired of it. It all just turns into one brown blur once you’ve been living in it long enough. You have to go North to see the true beauty of Arizona. The mountains become bigger and greener, and the rocks become red and orange. I love driving north because I can watch the monotonous landscape become full of color and excitement.

Lots of people live in the Phoenix Metro because of the 70° winters. They (“they” includes my parents) don’t really take the 120° summers into consideration. I hate when people tell me “It’s okay because it’s a dry heat.” Just because there’s not a lot of moisture in the air doesn’t mean I’m not suffering every time I walk to the car, or risking burns when I put my seatbelt on.

I love Arizona as a state, but it’s very overrated. The only people who enjoy it are the ones who were raised in places with different climates and/or culture. I don’t plan on living in Arizona when I’m older. Hopefully I can go to a university with a low tuition in another state.


That’s my first story on Medium. Hopefully I write some more. Thanks for reading!!

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