How to Ace Your Next Exam

I never thought about using an online tool to help me study, until recently. Even though, I’ve been a student for over 15 years, not once have I gone to an online study website to help me ace my tests. There are numerous online tools and thousands of websites out there, designed specifically to help students study for exams, so, I thought that this would definitely be worth looking into.

I’ve been relying on old study habits because, when exam season comes around, it always seemed like the best option for me. I would type out all my notes and then memorize them, term for term, while rewriting everything down with pen and paper. I’ve been doing this for a huge part of my university study period. However, with many things in life, change is good, and so, having a change in your study habits can definitely help raise one’s grades.

Some may believe that the Internet would not help, in terms of studying for midterms or exams (at least this is what I thought). I primarily use the Internet for school assignments, personal research, and social media, and, I just assumed online study tools wouldn’t really be useful. However, to be honest, I wish I had looked into this before having written my recent midterms, as I truly believe that it would’ve been helpful. I recently discovered, which is a free study tool that can help when memorizing course terms. This site allows users to search for a subject or topic and the website will generate study tools for each, made by other students and teachers; these are called “sets.” According to the website, there are 125,790,000 study sets and counting. In addition, you can customize your own “set” with your specific course material. The seven Quizlet study tools that are generated in each study set include:

(Click on each one of these study tools to learn more about them^)

As you can see, there are a variety of different study tools just on this one website. Not only do they offer the typical flashcard method of studying, they also offer games which are a great way to study while having fun. So, you can see that Quizlet offers different studying options so that students could choose which method is most effective for them. In addition, on top of it being an online website, Quizlet also 0ffers a free app which allows you to study anywhere and everywhere when using the offline settings.

Even though I already wrote the EID100 midterm, I went ahead and created a short set just to get a better feel for the site. Here is the link to my first study set:

I typed in five terms and definitions that were important from the midterm. Once I did this, I was able to create my set. The website used the data I put in, and generated the study tools from them. It was a very quick and easy process, and I will definitely be using this for my final exam. I‘ll make sure to tweet out a link to it before final exam season comes around. Hopefully you’ll all find it useful, and I’m sure it will help us all ace our final exam!