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Plastic Free July is a global movement aimed to have people reduce the amount of plastic they consume throughout July in the hopes that some plastic-free alternative habits will stick and become permanent parts of our lives.

We are living in a global pandemic and being zero waste has been increasingly hard as coffee shops have banned reusable cups and stores have closed their bulk sections. But there are a few things I can do to try reduce my waste anyway.

Try zero waste grocery stores

This month I will be trying out several alternative grocery stores to…

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Last week I gorged a whole bag of beef jerky.

I didn’t feel bad about it.

I look forward to dinner parties because its an excuse to eat non-vegan foods. Cheese is delicious okay!

I forgot about B12 for months (vegans have to take supplements). I just forgot until I started developing symptoms of a deficiency.

Veganism is difficult and you could say I’m terrible at it. But it’s not a competition. Each person that makes even the tiniest changes to their diet gives us hope that maybe one day we can all live sustainably.

For the longest time, I…

and failed BADLY

The man in front of me at the whole foods lineup had wrapped all his produce in individual plastic bags. It was the first thing I noticed, and it irked me. I had just spent my grocery store trip nitpicking every container I put in my cart to see if it was 100% recyclable. Observing someone that just didn’t care was hard.

When I feel bothered by other people’s waste, I need to remind myself that not everyone cares about sustainability as much as I do. I can’t hold a grudge against every person that chews gum…

A little can go a long way if we all pitch in and have less waste. Being zero-waste or close to it doesn’t mean we can’t have nice things — it just means we have to be more mindful of the things we buy and how we buy them.

A week ago I decided I wanted to follow a zero-waste lifestyle. Fast forward a week and I’ve realized zero-waste isn’t that simple. My bathroom is cluttered with plastic shampoo bottles and half-empty beauty product containers collecting dust. I still use a plastic toothbrush. My whitening toothpaste container is not recyclable…

I almost forgot to blog today but then I remembered while I was reaching for a late-night snack. Today I spent my 30 minutes working on adding a new member to the team. I’m thinking of adding a designer. I initially wanted to do the design myself but decided that although I would’ve loved making the UX — I am one, not an experienced designer and two I have too much on my plate. So progress! I’m reaching out!

People always tell me don’t be afraid to ask for help. But truthfully its hard to know when to do things…

So I finally got a bit of work done today. It took some time to get started after taking some time off but now I’m feeling energized.

I also just finished a workout I started earlier today but never completed till now. I mostly work out for aesthetics but I think the reason why I try to do it daily is just because of how amazing I feel after.

During my day off I spent some time researching some cool side business ideas which keep my mind wondering and happy.

Part of me wants to drop everything and start a…

Sooo I messed up and opted to chill instead of blog yesterday so today’s blog will be based on yesterday and today. My update for the app is that I got a bit of coding done. Nothing major. Tomorrow I’ll need to step up my game and work on it more. I also NEED to make UX mocks but damn making them can be hard LOL.

Today I woke up late again and missed class. Oops. But on the bright side, I probably needed the extra sleep because I woke up feeling on 🔥. My creativity was buzzing and I…

Today I opened up XCode ready to continue coding on the app, but then I realized that coding with no clearly defined goals is making me unproductive. So instead of coding (the fun part), I used up my one hour today to open up an Asana account (a project management app) and write out tasks.

What I realized from doing this is that I can’t code without a good design, so from now I’m going to work on the design first.

I’m starting to realize that coding is the easy part of building an app and that the difficult part…

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