Cool Humans: Son & Thief | Athens, GA

Originally published at on April 18, 2017.

We love great music but we especially love great music from Athens, Georgia (it’s kind of in the job description). That’s why we love Son & Thief.

Shane Toriscelli, the brains behind the music, fourth-year at UGA, and very cool human answered a few questions for us. Learn about Son & Thief’s new album, why he loves Athens, and what we can expect next from Son & Thief.

“The freakin boys. Come see us be dudes this Thursday at the 40 Watt for our ALBUM RELEASE SHOW with @lizaannemusic and @wanderwildmusic! Whoop! 🚀” via Instagram

Q: Your band, its members, and your music style have all evolved significantly over the past few years. Can you tell us a little about that and what kind of place you’re in now?

It’s definitely more of a solo project than I thought it would be at this point. When the band started I was aiming to have a solid four or five piece crew but as time has gone on, I’ve been taking on more roles than I ever thought I could. It’s been really tough at times, but also a huge learning experience. I think the progression in styles has stemmed solely from changes in my own personal preference. I like when an artist is always progressing. I’ve changed as a person so if my music didn’t follow suit it would feel dishonest.

“To work on my senior thesis, or to finish the album? What’s a boy to do? Like for “Shane drops out of school”. Comment for ‘don’t be stupid stay in school’.” via Instagram

Q: How does the town of Athens influence your music and creativity?

Athens as a whole is extremely encouraging creatively. When people come here for school there’s an expectation of Athens being a “music town” so they’re eager to get out to shows and start bands of their own. The people love the music so you gotta give em what they want.

Q: What is your favorite memory of living in Athens so far?

After spending four years in Athens, there’s a lot of memories to choose from. However since I grew up a Florida kid, the week and a half we had off because of snow freshman year was incredible. It was like a summer camp with all my best friends, except it was snowing and there were no rules or counselors. Well, state laws were still enforced but we may have ignored some of those.

Q: What kind of sounds can we expect on Son & Thief’s new album?

All kinds of sounds really. I didn’t hold anything back creatively. I took the vision for each song as far as I could in whatever direction it was heading and ended up with the album we have now!

Listen to the newly released Son & Thief single ‘Repair’

Q: You’ve got a show coming up at The 40 Watt! Tell us about it.

Indeed we do! It’s gonna be a blast. We’re gonna play straight through our new album, which is quite a task. We did not make this record easy to play live I’ll tell you that. The bros inWanderwild are opening up withLiza Anne as direct support. We’re very lucky to have Liza on the bill, she’s freaking incredible (shout out to Matt Martin for setting that up).

Q: Where do you see you and your band a year from now?

Literally no idea. Hopefully touring, recording the next record and making some amount of money haha. I’m excited to see what happens!

“Oh u kno just almost finished wit da record n stuff.” via Instagram


Describe your band in one word: Expensive.

Best Son & Thief show so far: CD release show at The 40 Watt this Thursday the 20th.

Favorite Athens restaurant: The World Famous

Favorite Athens coffee shop: 1000 Faces Coffee (the roastery)

Favorite Athens hangout spot: Walkers

So there you have it, basically every reason you should go to Son & Thief’s album release show this Thursday. (Or at least go follow them on Spotify.) Maybe you’ll bump into Shane next time you’re at Walkers.