The Thing About Depression

grace ferzely
Sep 6, 2017 · Unlisted

Originally written for a Feminist Theory class. November 5, 2015

the thing about depression is its silence.

the silence it causes within you. the silence it causes with others. the fact that, no, it’s not something you usually bring up in casual conversation with your friends. because who wants to be the person that answers the banal ‘how’re you today?’ with a retort of, ‘well i haven’t had any thoughts about committing suicide today. so i guess I’m doing okay.’

nope. you just say you’re fine and continue on your merry (or not so merry) way.

there has to be a better way. how can we refuse to be silent? how can we ask to be heard?

our culture claims to be self-obsessed. how can we turn that into a positive instead of a negative? how can we be self-obsessed in a constructive way?

rather than obsessing over what our selfies look like maybe we can be obsessed with our self-health? about our mental health? about how our head is feeling and how our mind might be reeling?

i think there might be something there. let’s talk about it. let’s refuse to be silent. who’s with me?

i took this pic when i was really sad
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