Why I love blogging

Blog, blog, blog!

Blogging is so great for college students to build a reputation, make connections and better their writing skills. I began blogging when I was a freshman, and not only did it help me with promoting myself, but I learned more about myself. I learned about my passion and what I could talk about for hours, I learned about how long it takes me to write a blog post and how to write concise sentences.

You can also blog anywhere, at any time! Your blog is yours, it’s up to you when you want to blog and what you want to blog about. You can also take your blogging outside of the web and journal in a notebook. Diversifying your writing experiences just will diversify your skills, and that is what jobs are looking for.

So, immerse yourself in a blog on your own time. Build your knowledge and connect with others while doing it. Learn how to be a better writer while also promoting the brand called YOU. And never forget, make an impact in your community with every post you share!

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