What HR’s don’t know about sex offenders

The sex offender conundrum.

I had been in prison for less than two years, when I got out I stayed with my parents while I searched for a job. Needless to say, no one wanted to hire a sex offender. This was three decades ago.

As there was no internet I was able to interview but as my past came out, I was not about to lie, it would be thank you very much, never to hear from them again.

After months of this I finally put at the bottom of my resume, “Enough is enough”.

A supervisor of a company in Torrance took pity and wanted to give me a chance because of my background and their specific needs. He got vetoed by management’s “fears” of course and they went with another. After three months their contract was stalled.

My name was brought up again, this time HR stepped in. HR contacted my parole officer wanting to know details. Most people don’t realize parole officers (and police) usually have the “Good Guy, Bad Guy Syndrome” and “want” to send their “bad guys” back to prison, thus promoting themselves as the Good Guys. They will imply “you’re” a bad guy by trying to help, after all, they know more than you do. The officer refused to discuss it over the phone, knowing most HR’s would go no further. The supervisor was adamant so HR had to make a 40 mile trip to read my dossier. I was hired the next day. It had taken nine months to finally get a job. Unlike so many others, I was lucky.

The supervisor, HR, and management, thought they were taking a risk. Because, you know “those people”. They were all delusional of course. To say that I had been emotionally immature and socially stunted at that time would have been an understatement. But fortunately, like most, I do learn from my mistakes.

I worked 10 years for that company. Even made employee of the Month. The comment on the Employee of the Month form: “He walks on water”. Later on, another comment “If we had 2 of him we could rule the World” I kid you not. I found out that the same abilities that helped get me into trouble gave me advantages in other areas.

The company was bought, sliced and diced. From over 2000 to under 200 people, 3 buildings to 1. I remained, I was hoping for severance pay which everyone was getting but I was too valuable to let go. Because of my reputation I was able to quit and go to work for a startup. I didn’t realize at the time how lucky I was.

Five years later my entire department is laid off. Once again I’m one of “those” people. After four months I get a call from my supervisors manager of my first company. Shortly after I left the final slice, it had been bought by a whale. He had been asked if he knew anyone who could help a prototype to first run production plagued with problems. This had became my specialty later on with that company.

The whale hires me via a temp agency. After filling out the paperwork, I’m asked, “Do they know about your past?” I say “yes”, not thinking, as the manager had worked with me for ten years. How could they not know?

The whale has a Senior Engineer doing production trouble-shooting work. His juniors aren’t good enough and he has them doing other needed jobs. Because I use mindsets and have developed methodologies depending on the type of job I’m doing. I blow his doors off the first day. After 2 months I have 2 offers to work in other labs. I know the whale’s HR doesn’t have the “E” experience category to add skill pay to an hour-lies wage. I made good money at my startup and good money as a contractor to the whale. But no way would this HR pay anything close, hourly people are just cannon fodder to the whale.

A month later I make the mistake of applying for the offers. I wanted to see how low they come in at. The offers are withdrawn, I’m asked to leave. Fortunately the manager who asked me to come in was in a high position, he would have been walked out otherwise, after all, how could you recommend one of “those” people. I work another 6 months, completing the job I came to do.

Looking for work again. HR’s: No response, thank you, but no thanks…….

Several months later I’m contacted again by another startup, I do have a Rep……

About 10 years later my second startup is bought by another startup.

Several years later another whale buys it.

The whale must pay what I was making. Their HR says I’m overpaid, the years I work for this whale, I never get a raise. Thanks to my manager who appreciates my going beyond on jobs, I receive bonuses.

The whale missteps because of manipulation by an outside financial group and lays off thousands of workers, I’m just one of the thousands.

Times have changed, it’s gotten worse, much worse. Everything is done via the internet. Unemployment? Through the internet. Resumes? Though the internet. A “lead” HR on-line media person states she will automatically reject anyone who physically “drops off” a resume. Something my wife of 25 years wanted me to do, after all, just sitting at the computer isn’t looking for a job!

My wife is in tears. We are being forced to downsize, as I’m being forced to retire. After putting our address into the browser a website comes up with my picture as a bad guy. It implies I’ve been busted for living in my house where I’ve lived for 15 years. The date is an “*” so it doesn’t show it was 30 years ago, it says priors? What priors? It also states they can’t be sued as the information came from the government database. I can’t check this as our government stopped allowing offenders to check the database. Perhaps they don’t want to get sued? So? I’ve never physically harmed another but I have websites implying I’m a monster 3 decades after the fact. People, enough, really is, enough!

The HR scam shows itself. I get a thanks, but no thanks, unless someone made the mistake of contacting me prior to “checking” my badness. If I was contacted the entire job would be “pulled” for various reasons. A flimsy way of not getting sued. Yo! HRs, just say no thanks.

But it gets worse. Police have been using sex offenders to terrorize neighborhoods and businesses into buying police owned and run security. My wife and I leave the groomers with our dog. The officer goes in and tells the owner I’m a bad guy and her neighborhood would feel better if she had security. If the owner doesn’t show a desire to buy, the implication will be made if “something” were to happen and your clients found out you could have done something…. However, in this case, the owners a retired national football cheerleader. If I may use the phrase, pleasing to the eye. So the officer uses me as a ploy into a short relationship. Which by the way is legally called “Rape by Deceit”.

If we go into a restaurant that has police security we may get great service but poor food. Or have food dropped, or seasoning cut to one third, or a slice of cake to go cut by a third (which is hard to do with those full pie cutters). My leftovers will be turned upside down in the box. They’re being told to do this by the police because we may not come back because of it. After all, you don’t want “those” people in your establishment. Would you like to know what happens when you buy a car or have a car serviced? Would you like to have your wife poisoned at a restaurant or be forced to move rooms 5 times at a hotel? Did I mention the person who pounded on our door at 2:00 A.M.? All due to the police in the background.

Because of Homeland In-Security the police now believe they are 24’s Jack Bauer. Only they know how to handle “bad” guys. Of course, hiding behind their badges has always been their strong suit. It doesn’t stop with just the police’s delusions of power. The oh so highly educated hourly security guards, have garnished an amazing ego boost, transforming them into comic book heroes. Along with the officers sons who appreciate their fathers preventing them from going to jail.

My wife and I are being indirectly “followed” by a security guard dressed sharply in a Nazi black police uniform without the badges. Just happens to show up where ever we move to in the store. Carrying a clipboard, a smug look and of all things, a coiled earpiece like the Secret Service wear. No doubt I made his day, he could tell a girl, I prevented a “bad” guy doing something, you know, bad. Doesn’t fall from the tree. I hate to think what this kid (and so many others) will be like if they became an officer.

What’s really bad? The local police, at least the ones I’m dealing with, are part of a scam group. It includes Insurance fraud, both arson and automotive. Did I tell you we have the most expensive house here? Why? Because it was built twice. We had to wait for it to be rebuilt after they burned it down before it was finished the first time. Years ago I did a test, went from the back of the house three quarters towards the front, at different times. The security car drove by within 3 minutes both times. Last year our dog got out and ran across the street. She was never out of my sight and I ran across and got her. A little while later a couple knock on the door and tell my wife a small black dog bit the husband. Did she know of one? My wife said the man had a minor puncture wound. Had she said our dog had got out and we weren’t watching her the entire time we would have been hit with a scam lawsuit. My local police at work!

By the way, I’ve been putting up with this for over a decade and it’s all due to Homeoutlandish enabling them. I’ve hidden from my wife whats been done to me on my way to and from work or at work. She thinks the person driving erratically is drunk or just an a__hole. Not realizing it’s being done intentionally. Fortunately over the years, they haven’t done it too many times just to her. We average 3 crank calls a day, from the police, using the hardware given to them by Homeland. But it NEVER ends.

In the last 2 weeks the special events have been a cop in off-duty attire and vehicle race in front of me and hit his brakes. This, by the way, is common. The motorcycle speeds in front of me then maintains a certain distance ahead, weaving, flipping a truck driver off for not clearing an intersection for a light change (all for my benefit, I flip the cops and scammers off). A mile further I’ve gotten closer to the motorcycle. He proceeds to brake hard with one hand, bringing his other hand to his collar and moving the front facing camera to my side. He’s attempting to film me as I pass him. My savant abilities do not allow this to happen. I automatically brake matching his braking. From 50 mph to 15 they have no concern with others safety. Why should they? They’re being protected by the police. We have cars all around behind us having to brake, his eyes widen as he finally looks into his rear-view mirror. He speeds off giving me the bird as he does so. These are just 2 of perhaps 25 events in a single week.

So the wife and I are looking at homes. I’m tired of writing and do you really want to know what it’s like to be harassed and discriminated by RE agents and HOA’s who are being scammed by the police behind the scenes? Going to see models and coming back to an empty RE office because they’ve been told you’re bad.

There are so many things, far worst things they’ve done, I haven’t covered. Why all of this? They have the belief they can make people “regress”. The bad news is, they have. The public however, didn’t know that the police were directly responsible for someone getting raped, shot, killed or run over. They believe they can always point and say, “See, see, we told you he was a bad guy! Too bad you’re to stupid to know we harassed him not hundreds but thousands of times to make it happen.”

Enough, again, enough. The whole point of this is to get a job.

So if you’re reading this, hopefully, you will no longer be fearful of me and if you’re really smart, be far more fearful of the police and their abuse of the power HS has given them.



PS During this time I’ve held a Secret Clearance not once, but twice.