“ADHD” a poem about ADHD

This is ironically,
my favorite mental illness
of all the ones I have.
The drugs can be bad
and trigger psychosis
so be careful! don’t always
trust your doctor or labels.

I love the disorder, for this
disorder has given me qualities.
for example the capacity to
reject authority & find my worth.

For example the capacity to love you,
to notice your order with not (oh, wince) envy
but desire. I wanted your mind.
So organized, poignant, quick-witted, hilarious,
anxious… I loved these parts of you.

I loved how this disorder allowed me
To not simply “find,” but create
spiritual life. Magical practices, even
just for a few weeks; to fall in love
with mathematics. To be bored at work
To be not fired lately, but kind of just
“let go” —

To become a cliché. But you know what?
I love my life. I love having this illness!
And I’ve accepted the fate that society 
may never change how they approach this;
including cognitive therapy. 
Meds help but again I’m skeptical.
This is my reality, with ADHD.

Writing poetry really helps.