“Dysthymia” a poem about dysthymia

by Gia Orlando

(Just me being skeptical to my former psychiatrist, because I think I was misdiagnosed with this disorder as antidepressants have always had a severely NEGATIVE IMPACT on my mind!! they never worked — I was forced to try like 5 different ones & the psych still acted like he knew everything!!!)

For so long, I knew I was bipolar.
I told him about my mood swings,
and this is always what I say — 
and he loves the image of childhood
carousel and spooky parks.

He doesn’t listen, pretty much ever.
This is the disorder where pity
is often times not found.
Because I complain through it,

my mood putting me
nowhere wholesome except;
sometimes I am so elevated
Sometimes I am SO Happy

but according to the constancy
of my energy levels…
actually, there was just a change — 
the slightest one, and this movement

subtle and illogical; seemed to
eternally defy future genetics.