“Generalized Anxiety” a poem about GAD

by Gia Orlando

Trapped dollar bills hug me,
and draw on their money.

I’ve always hated general things.
I live in a country where wealth is a big idea
I am born in an age
I pick up the habits of my parents
and all adults who have lost,

money in the economy: but I’m getting
older too, all I have is memory
crashing like towers and metaphors
climbing mountains like Sisyphus.

wherefore I am just a girl!
I live in a country where wealth is cool
like working 60 hours a week,
under the books,
under the covers,
everything: hidden

my worries are everywhere; one supposes
on the train, on the phone, 
when you don’t text me back,
when you laugh, when you cry,
when you force me to live here.

But my mind remains, even if my body changes
the place where it must go;
like cargo on ships is the only
place where we can unite? History.
No, thought distortions. we can change

So this will probably — 
always be the narrative.
How can I apologize? I can only change, 
There is no we in this selfish illness

Slathered with repeating thoughts on loop
caught in circles like audio transcripts
that I cannot hear fully; for the accent
from other nations is unfamiliar

And you will never understand this.