Jacob Cass’s Article Embodies Many Qualities of Powerful Writing

Jacob Cass’s article, “The Arts & Secrets of Personal Branding” embodies many qualities of powerful writing, making it a well-organized, successful article.

Jacob Cass’s article, “The Art & Secrets of Personal Branding” is a good example of a well written graphic design article. Cass’s article embodies many of the qualities of powerful writing coined in an article by Dustin Wax, “8 Qualities of Powerful Writing.”

  1. Powerful writing is READABLE

The readability of Cass’s article can be attributed to its format.The list format of this artcle allows readers to quickly skim and gather the most important information.

The main points are bolded. Extremely important points are emphasized with colorful, playful graphics.

All main topics have sub-paragraphs that provide readers with more information on the topic.

Aside from the format the type and font size contribute to readability.

2. Powerful writing is FOCUSED

Cass’s article is focused.

The entire article is focused on a single topic, Personal Branding. The paragraphs are short. Therefore, each sentence is jam packed with essential information.

Readers do not waste their time reading fluff. The paragraphs only contain necessary information to explain the main point.

Thus, making this article a quick, easy, informational read.

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