Restless Market

“People found it difficult to leave their artificial islands. They could not abandon their houses, fields, and granaries without grave risk of loss. Furthermore, as time went on, they accumulated more and more things — objects, not easily transportable, that tied them down.” — Yuval Noah Harari

We’re walking in a middle of a restless market. Everyone yelling from every direction: “Sales. Summer style is here. You need this.” They chase you to your home: “Clogged drain? Back pain? Want to lose 50 pounds?” They did their research, too, so they know exactly what you want.

And as soon as we gain consciousness, if we ever do, we are stuck in a 4-wall box we can’t afford, under piles of stuff that crowd our paths, with an education debt higher than years of our salary.

So, we coop up in our little corner, switch on our talking box, and there’s the salesman again, in the making of a self-indulgence society, supplying everything we need but freedom, even in our own home.

Written from the couch by a glass of Scotch terrorized by piles of books, toys, a never-shutting-up TV, and unpaid bills.