10 Fun DIY Bamboo Projects

Bamboo is a natural choice in making almost all sorts of things because it’s durable, lightweight, and incredibly renewable properties. I’ve prepared ten fun DIY bamboo projects you can perform at home together with your friends, family, or even the kids. This article is also perfect for DIY enthusiasts out there who love doing things on their own.


Hanging- Wall Planter

Add a natural feel to your home with this bamboo hanging planters. You need bamboo sticks, coconut coir, glue, wire, tools, and other decorative materials that will add more beauty and vibrant to your hanging wall planter.



It’s never too late to makeover your room and create a naturalistic atmosphere through this bamboo lampshade. The fresh, modern, and sleek design breaks the traditional and monotonous style of a typical lampshade.


Wind Chimes

Though bamboo wind chimes do not produce the same kind of sound quality as their metal counterparts, they still able to generate a gently calming effect that awakens our spirits. Creating bamboo wind chimes is fun, easy, and a simple DIY project you can do with kids.



Unlike bamboo wind chimes, the homemade bamboo flute can produce excellent and melodic sound. Bamboos are naturally hollow materials which are ideal for making your flute.



Build your bicycle frame with an inexpensive, eco-friendly, and renewable resource. Aside from its uniqueness, bamboo bikes also have comparable durability, hardness, and sustainability. You can watch tutorial videos on YouTube about DIY bamboo bike installation.


Water Hammer

Beautify garden with this bamboo water hammer. The Japanese people usually have this traditional water hammer installed in their gardens. You can have yours too. Try this fun DIY project.


Indoor Privacy Screen

Aside from bamboo cork flooring, that add a natural feel to your home or office which makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Using a bamboo privacy screen can be the best way of doing such. It is very easy and fun to make. You just need to wire the bamboo poles together in accordance to your desired height and length.


Curtain Rods

Replace your metal rods with bamboo to achieve a more rustic and natural look. You don’t have to worry about its durability; they are so strong and last a lifetime.



Bamboos can last against the heat of the sunlight, torrential rains, and winds. The same as the privacy screen, cut the bamboo poles according to your desired height and wire them together.


Garden Trellis

If you are fascinated with gardening and growing plants, you might consider making your bamboo garden trellis. Though there are lots of available pre-made trellises in the market, it is a much cheaper to build your trellis out of bamboo.

Try any of these fun DIY projects. You will surely have a great time doing it. Enjoy!

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