Building Your Dream House? Consider These Phenomenal Architectural Designs

Isn’t is amazing to live in the house you ever dreamed? When I was little, I always dream of living in a simple yet classical bungalow house in Perth surrounded with beautiful and magical flowers. Thinking all these makes me so happy and motivated to keep going until I bring off my desires.

Because of my fascination with my dream homestead, I tried sketching them or viewing photos tantamount to how I imagine my house in the future. By happy chance, I am now living my dream together with my family.

How about you? How do you imagine your dream haven? You might be thinking of living in one of these incredibly fascinating houses in the world.

Leobo Private Reserve, South Africa

Images courtesy of Trendir

This property is more than just a beautiful home. It is known as the most sought after safari lodge in Africa that lies in the middle of a private wildlife reserve. The home has a world class observatory center that gives you the chance to cherish the night sky in complete privacy. If you’re fond of swimming, you can have your time alone or with your family in its exquisite infinity pool.

Sharma Springs, Indonesia

Images courtesy of Catriona Mitchell & Ibuku

You might also want to consider to live in this magical bamboo house in Bali, Indonesia. This bamboo house is just one of the 18 uniquely crafted bamboo homes situated in Green Village. Designer Elora Hardy and her team thought of using bamboos as building materials due to their durable and sustainable properties.

Bamboos have the compression force of concrete and a strength-weight ratio of steel. Because of the popularity of this renewable resource, many designers and home builders recommend using premium bamboo flooring, construction materials, and other related products made out of bamboos.

Teahouse Tetsu, Japan

Images courtesy of Dana + LeRoy Bunward

This property is a fairy-tale-perfect traditional Japanese teahouse everybody would love. It is also ideal for those who want to enjoy the enchanting cherry blossoms in full bloom. You don’t also need to worry about its safety as it can withstand earthquakes and storm.

Dome House, Australia

Images courtesy of McBride Charles Ryan

Wishing to live in an unusual suburban eco-friendly home? Have your inspiration on this Dome House in Melbourne Australia. Its unique structure, ambiance, and location makes the house a perfect place to live.

Edgeland House, USA

Images courtesy of Paul Bardagjy

Who would have thought that this formerly neglected brownfield would turn into something remarkable and exquisitely captivating place? The grass-covered roof will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Grasses and plants surrounding the area also support local wildlife ecosystem.

ARCA, Brazil

Images courtesy of Victor Affaro

This house is hidden in the midst of the Brazilian forest, close to a magnificent waterfall. Just like a typical home, it has bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and proportioned living space. This home can be dismantled quickly and rebuilt in different locations which make it unique from the rest.

House Sperone, Croatia

Images courtesy of Jan Stojkovic

House Sperone’s architecture has the fusion between old and new. The designers created a modern day interior layout while maintaining the home’s sense of character and historic features.

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