I had a writing flop. Now I’m bouncing back.

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I shared my last post (Black Lives Matter: A Dog’s Perspective) on June 14th and here I am, back again, over three months later with new ideas.

June 14th was the middle of lock down. I had been living at my boyfriend’s house, away from my parents for almost two months, whilst spending much of my time writing, proofreading and editing the final project of my Master’s Degree — The Dissertation.

I realised that I had gone a bit dry. My dissertation was going well and my self-motivation was thriving, but my creativity and ideas for Medium had diminished.

I was putting too much pressure on myself to try to publish at least one article once a week, but eventually the ideas just stopped flowing. …


Grace Hurley

I write about life and happiness. Animal lover. Vegetarian. MA in Professional Writing. Instagram: @mermaidscrockery http://Etsy.com/uk/shop/mermaidscrockery

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