As of late, I’ve been discovering more and more of who I am through exploring and dreaming. All this, however, has come with discomfort, as I am stepping out of the boundaries that once so safely enclosed me. I’m seeing how before we step into greater measures of breakthrough there is always this point of tension, discomfort, unfamiliarity, and vulnerability. However, we must remember that these are the stepping stones one must overcome. And we must remember these are stepping stones, which means we won’t stay in the discomfort — we are voyagers passing through the dark canyons and valleys headed towards a destination of freedom and discovery.

Although the initial steps of this journey is absolutely terrifying, I see that there is so much more beauty that is laying ahead and the freedom one feels in one’s heart as he/she begins to delve and discover one’s identity and passions, is absolutely addicting. I love that I’m discovering myself through exploring different genres of music, dreaming into my passion project, and stumbling across videos, magazines, photographs and any aesthetic that just fills my heart with this indescribable fullness. It’s a means of discovering His beauty in a way so new and contrary to the religious spirit. God is not merely contained in Christian music, Christian books and publications and explicitly Christian things. His beauty is found in all the earth…heck, all of creation was made to reflect Him!

Today, I’m seeing His beauty through the beautiful video by Kinfolk and acoustic folk/indie music. Today, I’m discovering more of myself as I find my heart coming to life with hopes and dreams of what this passion project will look like. Today, I’m resting and taking time to meet God in the small, mundane pleasures that feed my heart. In these small things, I see Him restore, mend and make me whole.