He Called Her Mercy.

Part one: The knock

“Who is it


Oui, …………..

Bye bye”

She stood in front of his door waiting for him to open after having knocked for about 15 minutes. She could hear him roll on his bed and as she stood there she kept wondering…… if there was someone in the room with him …….A lady perhaps?

It’s understandable if he wanted to unwind in the arms of another after what she had done. She expected anything on the other side of the door.

After the long wait and knock she heard him ask who is it? Her heart fell and she could hear her heart beating. For a second she wondered if it was her imagination running wild or did he actually just ask.

She couldn’t think but the words ran out of her mouth,

“Itttttssssssssssss me ………

it’s Mercy”

He didn’t come to the door or get out of bed or answer her. She waited even for a “leave I don’t want to see you” ……even that she didn’t get.

After 5 minutes of her heart racing, her mind running wild rehearsing all what she planned to say.

“No you can’t say that it’s cheesy……….. just kneel and beg ……. but no you can’t kneel…… just kiss him and say I am sorry”

She couldn’t control the thoughts. Finally she heard him wake up from bed. She closed her eyes so as not to see the look in his eyes when he opened the door, she only wanted to say “I am sorry and I love you”

After a minute she didn’t hear the door rather she heard him make a phone call.

“Hello, …… Oui ……………………. bye”

She didn’t know what to think, was he ignoring her or really just had to make that call before opening the door.

Her first impulse was to leave but she stood there waiting for him to open the door.

3 minutes later tears in her eyes, heart beating the only thing she could do was return his key under the door.

He had given her the key to his house a week before when she slept over. She was over the moon in excitement as it was the first step to building the rest of their lives together.

She pushed the key under the door hoping he would notice and open the door.

He didn’t so she descended the stairs trying to catch her breath and heal her heart.

As she left all she could think of was “ he didn’t open the door”.