A 27-year-old’s view of Adulthood

Things are a-changing.

More and more, things make sense. Less and less, I feel lost and alone.

Every day has become an exercise in gratitude, humility, decisions, diligence…

One thing I’ve learned is: Adulthood is not a thing. And I refuse to let it be. I think I thought it was a point to be reached, where responsibilities and obligations are the cornerstones and feelings of dread and monotony are its walls.

People tell us to stay young as if Adulthood is something we should avoid. As if we don’t have much to look forward to once we hit it — whenever that is lol. No wonder we approach it with fear and reluctance.

My view of Adulthood has evolved a bit. Adulthood is amazing. Everything you learned in your past, all those mistakes and misconceptions become the foundation on which I can now build the person I truly want to be, the person I envision as the best version of me. Unlike my impulsive, emotionally driven, fickle younger self, I am firm in my beliefs, vision, values, and habits. In fact, it’s because of my impulsive, emotionally driven, fickle younger self that I can be firm in my beliefs, vision, values, and habits.

I know what it’s like to feel lost, hopeless, worthless. The mistakes of falling in traps of loop-thinking, doing nothing but expecting everything, being confused by what really is important to me… all make sense looking back. All those things build, solidify, center me.

Adulthood, to me, is the time to exercise everything I’ve learned. I’ve learned the importance of family through all of our struggles — let me take care of them and invest in our relationships. I’ve learned the value of money through not having enough— let me work hard so I can become someone who can source it the way I see fit and create a life I want. I’ve learned the value of friends through my times of self-doubt and aloneness — let me treat them with all the more appreciation and support. I’ve learned the value of self by fighting through low/no self-esteem and, at times, self-loathing — let me embrace all I am and all I’m not without judgment and enjoy what it is for what it is. I’ve learned the value of time through “wasting”* a lot of it — let me come down on each day with hunger to learn, unrelenting diligence, and bigger-than-life vision.

This is what Adulthood is to me. It’s the chance to make things right, to be a game-changer, even if I’m the only player. It doesn’t mean I have to make a huge splash in the world, just in mine. And that’s enough. I get to be wiser, stronger, consistent, amazing-er. I get to direct my path and journey, not be swayed and broken by circumstances, situations, mishaps. I get to choose who I am, rather than the person I think I’m supposed to be, the person everyone else is telling me I should be. I get to determine my happiness, not get excited and fluttery by things that happen to me, by temporal things.

In Adulthood, I get to do so much. I have opportunities to make more money, to meet many many different human beings, to contribute more and more in various ways. Where and what are the limits?

When we’re young, we feel the judgment of our youth, the laughability of the number that is our age… Now we have no excuse. What you choose to do with your experience and journey is Adulthood. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s empowerment and choices and pursuit of your Good.