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“User experience” encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

— From Nielsen Norman Group

User experience design (UX, UXD, UED or XD) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product. User experience design encompasses traditional human–computer interaction (HCI) design, and extends it by addressing all aspects of a product or service as perceived by users.

— From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Storytelling: How I started my new career in UX design

Finding a job is not easy, not mention shifting your career from original place to a new challenging field. However, I have to face the challenge now. No matter how long it will take me to the destination and what type of obstacles I have to overcome, I am on my way.

The way I mentioned here is the “UX Design” journey.

I never heard about the term “UX Design” since the beginning of this year after quitting my job. One day, I was revising my resume and portfolio at home, while my husband Frank was tapping his mechanical keyboard besides me. Suddenly he stopped and turned around to ask me: “ would you like to learn about UX design? It’s a fascinating field to get into. You can combine your education and graphic design background to create apps and websites for the end-users.”

I got inspired by Frank’s suggestion. I started to read the posts on Medium, watched the tutorials on and youtube, attended the workshops and extended my networking on LinkedIn in the last 4 months.

It just started, I know, everything will be alright.

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