I founded Design Buddies on April 10th, 2020. Over 2,400 people from all over the world joined in just over 2 months. Coming from a non-traditional design background, I was scared to reach out to other designers and engage in other design communities at first. I felt unqualified because I majored in bioengineering and spent years pursuing pre-med.

I have been interested in design, but felt intimidated to start because of some of the things I saw some people say in other design communities — about how designers who didn’t go to a traditional 4 year design school “aren’t real…

This is my 8-month journey in starting design to landing a UX Design Internship at Electronic Arts (EA) during COVID-19, spending $0 on learning material. I’ll be sharing my story, what I learned along the way, networking and interview tips, and resources that helped me.

📝 Outline

  • Background/Story time
  • Design Projects for Interviews, Personal Development, and Fun
  • Internship Applications + Interview Advice
  • Networking Advice
  • Resources

TLDR: I didn’t vibe with what I was studying in school, found a free online design class to learn the fundamentals, and worked on over 7 short-term hackathon/design challenge projects. I applied to 26 places and got…

[Update: For the latest version of this case study, go here: https://grace-ling.com/discord-case-study-bookmarking-messages/]

This was the first case study I’ve ever done, and I have a lot of improvements since then.

Like gamers, I appreciate a way to communicate in real time, and often in-game text and voice chats are not convenient. Discord is a messaging app that uses text, voice, video, and custom emotes. Chats are also organized by servers (communities) and channels (topics within a community).

Discord offers text, voice, and video chat, as well as screen-sharing and custom emotes, which is more robust and organized in the in-game…

Grace Ling

UX Design Intern @ Electronic Arts, Illustrator, Design Community Leader | Art IG: @Candyleaf_ | Portfolio: grace-ling.com

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