Walking alone in the middle of an empty street, 
Crying a river, can't barely breath.
My freezing knees are getting weak, 
My body is tired of this endless sick.

Jealous of this girl who looks at the world so happily, 
Like she was never meant to be lonely.
Where the hell in the world my mirthfullness go?
How I miss the girl I ever come to know.

My room became my perfect company,
Pillow has been my crying buddy.
My mind can't stop thinking, 
About how this world can be so tiring.

Trying to smile out of my dying mind, 
No one has an idea what's happening behind. 
People admires my lovely laughter, 
But no one has an idea what's happening after.

I tried to do what you all have told me, 
But I just can't fight this thing called anxiety. 
It stops me from living my life,
It stabs and plunge my heart by a knife.

It was never easy to live normally, 
While your both mind and heart are driving you crazy. 
It can turn the right to wrong,
It can kick you out to the place where you should belong.

You are the hostage of your own mind, 
Your true self was hidden on a place where no one will ever gets to find. 
You are the killer of your own horror movie, 
Your story is composed of being sad and lonely.

It's getting really heavy, How I wish you know.
People don't understand how I fight this sorrow.
Things are getting really messy, 
Failing everyone becomes a hobby.

I'm sorry if I couldn't be as strong as you, 
If you hate me for having this i hate it too.
I don't want to be a mess, 
Longing to be happy is what my heart says.

I know healing takes time,
But I'm sure I know I will be fine.
Someday I will cry no more,
I will find that girl you used to know before.

Someday I will no longer suffer from this anxiety, 
No more sad story and horror movie.
No worries and overthinking, 
I will move on and start my new beggining.

I will learn to let things flow,
Let things go.
I will be the girl I wanted to be, 
Soon I will tell the world, "I'm Anxiety Free"

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