I’ve said these words maybe every day of my life. “Hey, have a good day.” but recently I’ve being doing some thinking, what really do we mean when we say “have a good day?” or the real question that gnaws at me all the time;

What really is the definition of a good day? To me, to others. How do we gauge a day in order to determine whether it was good or bad? What makes a day even bad? What qualifies for an average day?

See I told you I had questions. I think we as humans have come to believe that once something does not go the way we wanted it to go, it did not go well. So we plan ahead for our day, go to the ATM to withdraw our “last cash” and the bank debits us without giving us the money. And immediately we conclude that the day is bad. Or we had a huge fight with our best friend or something equally heart breaking and we just surmise that we’ve never had it as worse as that and that makes it a bad day immediately.

So our gauge for the goodness of a day is really nothing more than our feelings. So if we feel our feelings were crushed at a particular moment in the day, we’ve had a bad day.

The same goes for good days. When we have a good day of business, or we got treated special by someone that means something to us, we end that day with a smile on our face, feeling grateful and fulfilled. Sometimes we even write down the date and event.

14. 09.2017

He said I meant the world to him.

Ruth ❤

So, our journal entries are filled with such and such. We judge our days by its happenings. Unfortunately I don’t have a better gauge for how we make out our days at the end of it. After all I do it too and it even happens in a really unconscious way. This is what I have deduced eventually. Unexpected turn of events are normal happenings in our lives. It doesn’t have to go just as planned. Sometimes, there is a change of direction, one we didn’t bargain for and it suddenly rocks us. This is pretty normal. But what is not normal is how we allow a single event dictate the outcome of the totality of our days. So the ATM swallows up your card. That is bad. But that should not affect whether or not you smile at a stranger that said hi.

It looks like we are all so absorbed in our own personals and when things don’t work out in our own little paradises; we splash mud at other people’s cloud. Eventually they walk away feeling unnoticed and maybe unloved, and they go ahead and let out their grieves on someone else. It’s a cycle. At the end of the day, everyone that happens to be in that ring lays on their beds and wonder “what a horrible day”. So the ATM swallows your card and you end up swallowing up everyone else’s joy. Happy now?

I am of the opinion that since as humans what makes our days good or bad is a result of how we are treated by other individuals, we all have a thing or two to do with what happens or doesn’t happen. So if you wish someone a good day, you are literarily saying “may the whole world treat you nice today, may all the pieces fall in the right places” we are not just wishing upon the stars, we are wishing upon the hearts and souls of people. We are hoping that the other guy in the room treats our friend a good way. That is really asking for so much seeing that we don’t always act like we know that our happiness is largely determined by other people’s happiness and vice versa.

Someone I love so much once said something “do to other what you want them do to you.” ~ Jesus

This is because greater than all of us, he recognized that we are all just a piece of thread on a tapestry woven together to form a beautiful design. Each thread tells an eternal story and once a thread frays, the whole design looks jumbled together. Simply put; we all need each other. I am really trying not to sound cliché or anything. But maybe if we go about our daily business thinking of how many people we are capable of giving a smile to as they close their eyes to sleep, maybe we also will have better days than we’ve being recording. Maybe.

Of course I do recognize that some things just would happen to break us and no matter how much we treat other people well, they just about happen to us, I believe those things test us, test our faith, our heart and our strength. We shouldn’t stagger under the weight of pressure. We shouldn’t break down just because today was a lot worse than yesterday. The funny truth is this; the golden rule of doing good to others has a way of paying back just not necessarily in the same currency. But it does.

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