To those who are concerned enough to be curious, I love tea. And yarn braids.

But those two likes do not make up for who I am, because I would like to think I am more awesome and extremely more detailed than a strand of woollen braid and the bland taste of freshly brewed tea.

So, this is definitely more about something deeper than that title entails. I want to delve deep into the ocean of creativity. My creative process to be exact. Last year, I jumped into the medium writing wagon, to be truthful I never knew such platform existed until I was burdened by the need for something more, much more than word press. Don’t roll your eyes, it’s just that word press never worked for me. So I took to Google and I Discovered Medium.

Medium felt like a facebook of articles, it came across to me as the Quora of deep thinkers that had enviable writing skills. And before long I became addicted to the inflow of the many daily articles that stream the platform. Of course I added to that stream as I took to article writing and found out how good I was at it.

My creative experience can be split into two sections, on the good days, I produce amazing creative stuffs, on the bad days, I don’t produce at all. There is never an in between, that’s not because I’m perfect, it’s only because I know what works for me.

My love for Medium, is unmatchable until I come across those large emboldened topics ‘5 THINGS YOU NEED TO DO TO BECOME A BETTER WRITER’ or ‘NEW YORK #1 BEST SELLING AUTHOR SAYS “ALL HE DOES IS WRITE” ’ . I literally roll my eyes both physically and spiritually at such titles. Cause no matter what; those stuffs don’t seem to work for me.

I write better when I’m outdoors, especially when I can see a steady flow of people, and I also write better when I’m curled on a sofa holding a warm cup of tea. My creativity never seems to be affected by whatever happens around me as is much about what happens within me.

That’s where those articles get it wrong; people don’t have to follow the same regimen you follow before they yield the same results as you.

Let me take you into the weird world of my creative process.

· My inner atmosphere determines if I write well or not. No matter how determined I get about writing on a particular topic, or how much closer a deadline seem to be, if I don’t get my insides motivated, I won’t write a jot.

· I talk to myself a lot. For some people that might sound strange, but I’m not shy to say this, because I have learnt a lot from holding a discussion with myself a whole lot of times, and those discussions has translated to become the things I joyfully put on Medium.

· I never view my works as a thing just to pass the time. I hold them dear, I love them and treat them like babies, this motivates me to make them beautiful, wouldn’t want anyone looking at my babies wondering who their mother is.

· Music helps me a lot. But it’s never limited to a single genre, I could work effectively with the slowest version of “silent night” today and tomorrow I’m writing to the tune of some really heavy metal rock jam. There is no right or wrong. Just what feels right at the moment. Least I forget, there are times I don’t even bother with music

· Last but definitely not the least, looking at the things I like inspire me to get creative. Like a picture of myself holding a mug wearing a new set of yarn braids. At moments like those I get wild topics like this.

This is what I am saying, we all have our different creative process and sometimes, when others follow what we do they get our result but there are other times what we do never translate into the same result for someone else. It is dishearten when I see a lot of people try so hard to be like someone else by following directly in their footsteps. Stop it please, just stop it. Find your own tune and start to dance to it.

Happy New Year!