What’s the big idea?

“What happens when you have negative thoughts?” I have been a victim of this “unwanting” world.

I decided to take a leap of faith and join in the road to success. It does not come easy. But for one to succeed you must have a dream. You are your own driver. Most of us wish we lived a free life but do not want (even if we do), we are just playing by the cards and get a salary at the end of the day. It is not bad as well. But how many people have quit their jobs to be their own bosses or work where they fully fill committed, with passion, without even being pushed. That is the kind of moral we should be waking up to every single day.

Talking from experience I never wanted to dream big or even be successful. I thought there was just survival and live by the day. You can read all the inspirational and motivational books, blogs and what have you. But, I say again, BUT only you can change your mind. Our minds are just like the computers or phones we use. They can function only under simple instructions. Think of your brain as such. You can tune it to think what you want and work on that.

As I said, only you can get yourself into doing this and that. I must say i was really pushed to be someone in life. I thought success was chosen for only a few. The thing that mostly made me not be inspired is the fact that i didn’t want to change my mind. I am still on the road to being what i want to be. What are you doing about yourself?

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