Retail Fashion Jewelry Tips: The Significance Of Rings

Retail fashion jewelry like rings are very popular not only in terms of adding dazzle to one’s look, but also the symbolism the ring has. One of the most common symbols of ring is the commitment or marriage, usually worn on the left ring finger.

More than that there are also other significance of rings you have to know, including:

Rings identify your status

Unlike other pieces of jewelry, a ring identifies one’s status: single or married. In fact, when we see a person wearing a ring on his or her left or right ring finger, we easily assume that the wearer is already married, engaged or committed. Left ring finger became one of the most popular significance that really identifies one’s civil status. For many cultures, they are reserved for marriage and engagement. Several countries also used the right ring finger for the same purpose.

Rings carry power

Historically, rings can be a symbol of power and wealth because only elite people can buy precious metals or stones and make rings out of them. Even today, we can easily judge a person through his or her rings that he or she is wearing (though, it’s not the same degree as before).

Rings mean infinity

This probably the reason why rings became one of the important jewelry and symbol of marriage and commitment. Ring is round, which signifies eternalness. It has also important purpose in the religion. Like God, ring has no beginning and no end.

Rings are awesome fashion jewelry

Like any other cheap costume jewelry, rings evolve and become more versatile. If we trace the origin of rings, they are more into social and religious significance. Nowadays, rings became popular fashion items. They add dazzle to one’s look. Regardless you are single or married, putting rings can make you look good. It emphasizes the beauty of your hands.

Regardless also of the social status of a person, one can wear a ring because nowadays, we can buy as low as $3 for a ring. Instead of one ring, many opt for stack or they buy a collection or rings at the same time, which is also a trend in 2015.

Rings do not only convey one’s status or power, they are also great fashion items. Whatever your reason for wearing a ring, it certainly makes you look good and feel good. Thus, retail fashion jewelry like rings are very important and a must-have.