Employer Tools: Everything You Need To Know

Paddl’s Employer Tools let you register your business as an Employer, create Job Campaigns, chat directly with applicants and process payments — in one streamlined process.

With the release of Employer Tools, Paddl Employers are able to connect with hundreds of motivated Students matched to their industry in just a few minutes.

Here’s how to get started and make the most of your Paddl account as an Employer.

Register Online

It’s free to set up an Employer Profile with Paddl, and you can explore the app’s features and create draft campaigns even if you don’t have a job ready to be listed.

Paddl Profile

Your profile is a quick snapshot of your company. It serves as a first impression of your business for Students, so it pays to spend a bit of time getting it right.

You’ll be asked to upload your company logo during the on-boarding process, but you can update it at any time by clicking on ‘Edit Profile’. The profile page is also where you can add a unique description of your company and your values, as well as update your contact details.


Campaigns are where all the magic happens within Paddl. This is where you advertise positions, use Village tags for industry matched candidates and set screening questions.

Select the Campaign tab to find a dashboard of all your active, archived and draft Job Campaigns. On this page you can check the time remaining on your live campaigns as well as create new ones in a couple of clicks.

Dashboards give you a quick snapshot of your Job Campaigns and Applicants.

Creating a New Campaign

  • Click Create Campaign, fill out the job title and set the number of positions you’re looking to hire for. You may have one role (Eg. a digital marketing internship), but need two people to fill it. In this case, set the positions available to two.
  • Add a job description that addresses the key activities the role involves as well as what you are looking for in an applicant. Check out our tips on how to maximise your Job Campaign here for ideas of what to include.
  • Select the Villages (industry sectors) you want to target for your role. You can select as many as you’d like — bear in mind this will be reflected in the types of Students able to apply for your job and the qualifications they bring to the table. Eg. Selecting the Hair and Beauty Village would put your job in front of someone doing their Certificate III in Hairdressing or a similar course.
  • Knockout & Optional Questions: It’s question time! At this stage, you can add screening questions to your campaign, filtering your applicant pool to have only those who match your needs. Eg. If you need someone who can work Monday and Tuesday nights, you can make this one of the questions and have applicants select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. In Paddl, there are two types of questions you can choose from which we’ve outlined further below.
  • Once you’ve completed filling out your campaign you’ll be taken to the checkout. You can either choose to set it to live by completing the payment process, or leave it as a draft for further tweaking. You can find all your job campaigns by clicking on the Campaign tab from any screen and selecting it from the list.
Pay To Post: Paddl lets you draft Job Campaigns and save them until you’re ready for it to go live.

Knockout Questions

A Knockout Question must be answered by a Student correctly to move onto the next step in the application process. These are to filter out applicants who don’t match the specific and non-negotiable needs of the position you are hiring for, like set days of shifts.

Optional Questions

Optional Questions are questions which can give you more information about a candidate without filtering them out of the application process. This could involve asking questions about a Student’s interests, values or experience with specific tools and programs.


From the Applications tab, you can view a Student’s Paddl profile to find out more about them. You can also get in touch with them via the Chat feature. Students must send a message to you when they apply for a job for their applications to appear in your feed; this shows you which candidates are particularly keen about the role. Paddl’s Chat feature can be used to learn more about your applicant pool, as well as to arrange the next steps in the hiring process like a phone interview or casting call.

If you need more help with Employer Tools get in touch here, comment in the section below or message our support team via the blue chat icon on Paddl.

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