Introducing Employer Tools

Employers can now login, create Job Campaigns, and Chat directly with applicants from inside Paddl.

Since our launch just a few months ago, the team has been working to design an incredible experience for our Paddl Employers. We have created Employer Tools for Paddl with the challenges of casual and part-time recruitment in mind. The new streamlined and intuitive interface helps Employers find quality Student candidates in minutes.

Self-Manage Your Employer Profile and Jobs

With simple and easy-to-use tools, Employers are now able to login and manage Employer Profiles, Job Campaigns and Applications. Employers are also able to see which Students have applied for positions and chat with them directly about next steps.

Paddl Employer Tools feature dashboards, which give a quick overview of all Campaigns and applicants. Check out the Employer Tools guide to see how you can use these features for your business.

Dashboards give you a quick snapshot of Job Campaigns and Applications.

How to Access Employer Tools

Employer Tools are live and free to set up for your business. If you don’t currently have a Job Campaign ready to go, you can still explore Paddl’s features, create draft Campaigns and get started on your Employer Profile.

Head over to Paddl to connect with local talented Students in your industry today.

All feedback is crucial to innovating our product for users. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, drop us a line here or comment in the section below.

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