After Dark Ramblings: Electricity

I don’t know if this connection flows both ways or if it’s just my side is flaring up into overdrive, but this fierce electricity flowing through my body hasn’t stopped since I met you.

Every fibre of my body craves your touch.

The charge is phenomenal, it won’t subside. Is it in my head? Do you feel it too? This intense spark; how could you not feel it?
Is this my fate, to be consumed by a fantasy overflowing with desire that I fear will not be satisfied? You are fire, and I’m not afraid of the danger, in fact, I invite it.

Let me breathe your smoke into my lungs, let the flames lick my skin, just come a bit closer and I’ll let you in.

Have I revealed to much? Subtlety was never my strength.

I bite my bottom lip, I wet my lips with my tongue, I look at you with inviting eyes and realise maybe I am the dangerous one.


After Dark Ramblings is a series of writing (poetry/prose/short narratives) that I started a while ago. They are my initial responses to dreams/nightmares, many are written in the dark in the very early hours of the morning with blurry eyes. Those dreams which leave you with an intense feeling that clouds your mind for the rest of the day (Or week..). I’m trying to capture the feeling of the dream with writing and drawing (in progress)…not a hard task…

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