Tree Man & Wild Girl

They call him Tree Man, they all say to keep away. They used to go to him for wisdom, now they fear his old, wild magical ways. Today, facts and statistics are what they worship — they believe that they have all the answers. They say;

‘Keep away from Tree Man, he’s full of old folly and evil, beware of his ways.’. You see nobody likes different, nobody likes things they can’t explain — they fear it and push it away. Perhaps that’s why they banished him to the woods and took away his one love; freedom. well, all of them bar one…

Now there’s this girl, young woman really, she doesn’t think she’s anything special, but there’s something unique about her; that girl with fire in her eyes and wild flowing hair. She doesn’t see things like they want her to see. Instead of just accepting, she dares to ask why. She feels an intense pull towards Tree Man. They say she’s trouble, that she’s strange, some would even say insane. They tried to cage her once, but nothing can keep hold for too long.

Wild Girl, as we shall call her, see’s Tree Man entirely differently; she thinks he’s intriguing, wise, and yet, see’s a deep sadness in his eyes. You see, Tree Man was not always confined to the woods. Once he could roam free, experiencing all that the world had to offer, Tree Man, wasn’t even his real name — but that had been lost in time. They damaged him when they cursed him to remain rooted to the ground. She looked up into his eyes and understood instantly that he needed to be free; this place was consuming him, the roots were holding him down, taking away every inch of his soul. This was not where he should be.
Tree Man looked down at the young woman with the mysterious green eyes; they were so full of hope, passion and kindness, he felt a warmness in his heart that before now he had feared had been lost forever. You see, Wild Girl always had a power to make people feel at ease and free of their troubles - even though they called her strange - it was something no one could explain. She walked over, in her ethereal-otherworldly way and reached out to touch his faintly-lined cheek, she smiled at him and he found himself smiling — a natural, true smile that reached right up to his sad, haunted eyes. There was an instant connection and Tree Man found himself feeling calm for the first time in years — he finally started to heal.
In that moment the roots started to release him, the bark that had kept him imprisoned for so long peeled and flaked away to reveal his human form — he was free. Wild Girl had set him free, but his happiness soon became confusion;

‘Why would you set me free? I am nothing but an old, troubled man? Why are you so kind to me? You shouldn’t be so kind to me. You’re young and beautiful, why would you waste your time on me?’

Wild Girl replied in her serene yet cryptic way with her magnetic wry smile;

‘You know the answer to your questions, but you aren’t ready to hear it, don’t be afraid of it, come and find me when you are ready.’

With that she turned and walked away, although she longed to turn around and throw her arms around Tree Man, but he wasn’t ready, he needed to heal, he needed to trust. She just had to hope that he would seek her out and find her. She put her faith in fate and walked on with a pounding in her chest that would not easily fade.