Hillary and I Sweat the Details. Deal With It.

I originally published this on my Facebook page the night after Hillary Clinton’s historic acceptance speech at the DNC.

Lately, I’ve been very wrapped up in the idea of voting for Hillary Clinton because of her policy ideas and to stop the often unbelievable insanity that is the Donald J. Trump campaign. I haven’t really been giving much thought to the gender politics of it all. But Amelia just reminded me of how much electing a woman president matters to me, and I think it should matter to you too. Here’s a story:

At my last Mock Trial Divisional competition, a judge told the all-boys team opposite us (while we were in the room) that they needed to “shut the girls down.” That on cross examination, they needed to say “NO, WOMAN!” and shut us up. That they needed to stop “sweating the details” because “the girls do that enough for both of you.” Jane Thomas, Suzie Thomas, Miriam Ellis, Amelia Kraus, Claiborne Beary and I were stunned when we heard those words come out of his mouth.

I mean, we ended up winning the entire competition with our “details” and our refusal to be “shut down.” But those words have stuck with us, and those are words that Hillary has heard before as well.

“She shouts.” “She’s boring, she’s too wordy.” “She’s not exciting.” On and on and on. When Hillary “embraced her inner policy nerd” last night and reminded us why “she sweats the details,” Amelia and I were reminded of the time we were told “sweating the details” was not only stupid, it was “a girls thing.”

This is our reality. This is Hillary’s reality. This is a reality that we need to change. So do not tell me I’m voting with my vagina when I consider the historic implications of a Clinton presidency. Don’t tell me gender doesn’t matter. ‪#‎imwithher‬ for this reason and so many more.

And honestly, who do we want in the White House? A nerd or the guy who pretended that he didn’t know what the KKK was?