Louis C.K.

from NPR

First comedic stadium performance I’ve ever been to: Louis C.K. At this particular stage in his career, he has the self-assurance of the elementary school janitor. He’s seen it all, doesn’t shy away from sharing an “ism” or two, and can maintain a deadpan delivery followed by a hearty chuckle when things get too serious.

Though his topics may be a little much for the likes of an elementary young-en , Louis C.K delivers dark topics that allow people an escape in the form of comedy. Meanwhile, he gives your moral subconscious some interesting theories to mull over. Subjects ranging from suicide to divorce to pedophilia, have been criticized for being to taboo to touch. Interestingly enough, Louis C.K. carries these themes over in his show “Louie”. His frankness about life’s mistakes and the importance of sharing them reflects how well thought out his material is. When interviewed about sharing his mistakes with his own daughters, Louis C.K states, “I think it’s important to share your mistakes with your kids, because you get knowledge from your mistakes and wisdom, from it. If you can’t pass that on, what good are you?”

This touches on his feelings towards life’s greater purpose- being useful. The fact that he lives not for himself, but for his kids, makes him useful to his daughters. This in turn creates that sense of purpose. In sharing these character traits of Louis, you see that he’s not a sociopath who enjoys making jokes about pedophiles and suicide, but instead is recognizing that life itself is made up of gray matter. Things are not as black and white as society or media make them out to be, and it is our job to question and explore. He goes well beyond making you laugh at a cheap joke, and that is what makes him a great comedian.

To read more on his thoughts on topics beyond comedy, check out his interview with NPR http://www.npr.org/2015/04/28/402560343/louis-c-k-on-life-and-standup-i-live-in-service-for-my-kids