Analyzing your pet’s genome may shed light on human aging, mental health, and cancer.

Grace and Benjamin at one week old

Earned wisdom on baby gear, evil online forums, new-mom survival, and how your heart will never be the same

Dear mothers-to-be,

I’ve learned a few things in the first year of my baby’s life that I wish all new mothers could know.

Mostly, you will make your own discoveries in motherhood and find your own methods, indispensable gadgets, and wisdom. But as you plunge into this journey, a few previously learned lessons could really come in handy.

Some of the things I’ve learned feel to me like rough but glimmering jewels, flinty and personal things that I have hacked and hewn myself out of hard rock. …

This startup’s founders eat their own kibble—and they plan to feed you someday too.

Paul Simon announced that his 2018 Homeward Bound tour would be his last. (Photo by Myrna Suarez)

As the singer retires from touring, a writer finds the secret in the music—and in the book he gave her.

If there were a soundtrack to your life, who would be the musician?

It’s a question I love asking of new acquaintances. It breaks the humdrum of the overused and unimaginative “What do you do?” to strum at something more individual: “What moves you?” “What kind of music sings in your veins?”

My life soundtrack is, and always has been, played by Paul Simon. I could have told you that at age 9. But only recently have I understood why.

I first heard Paul Simon on a cassette tape in my dad’s family’s horrible faux-wood-paneled Oldsmobile station wagon. It was…

Onno Faber in San Francisco. (Photo by Damien Maloney)

This is part two of a series. The previous story is here.

O n a Friday summer evening in San Francisco, 150 smart young people flooded one floor of a South-of-Market office building and filled the space with their excited voices. Onno Faber, a Dutch tech entrepreneur with tousled blond hair, flitted among them, leaning in close with his right ear to hear each person above the hubbub. He was the reason they all had come.

“I don’t know anybody,” Onno said of the guests, who had traveled from universities and pharmaceutical companies across the country. …

A portion of Onno Faber’s genome.

Hit with a rare disease, Onno Faber formed a startup to hack it — and he’s taking on conventional medicine in the process.

Grace Rubenstein

Journalist, editor, podcast coach. Cofounder Social/bio science geek. Reports on health science & immigration. Spanish speaker & dancing fool.

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