“I know you’re in love with Slack but I’ve got all the chat I need!”

Ahh yes, but there’s something bigger at play here. Game changing.

If you’ve endured a failed CRM implementation, either as the perpetrator or the victim of the crime, you understand how difficult it is to get people to break work rhythm to try something new. After the legions of consultants leave a wreckage of unused fields and missed automation opportunities in your browser as a daily reminder of their follies, they gleefully scurry to their shiny cars as you are left to watch the slow steady decline in utilization of your hyper-designed CRM that costs more time and money than it saves.

Slack hit the airwaves hard, challenging the entire paradigm of software sales, adoption, implementation utilization, even the very paradigm of enterprise software applications itself. (We believe that companies will FIRST make a distinct decision on a collaboration interface that will operate across the rest of their business applications — and Slack is currently in the lead.)

Slack effortlessly led us to the holy grail of enterprise software — frictionless adoption — and became the fastest growing enterprise software in the history of the planet without professional services, consultants, sales people, or training. It has since spread like wildfire to the enterprise, and even PARENTS would be wise to understand the beauty of Slack, lest they become uncool in the eyes of their children. (This is a real risk. You don’t recover from this.)

Why Slack?

1. SLACK SOLVED THE ADOPTION PROBLEM SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Users spend on average 10 hours per day working in Slack.
2. No dropped balls — Slack dissolves the data silos of email, human-to-human chat, and ad-hoc SMS overnight.
3. Everyone can see everything — transparency makes work life easier.
4. People aren’t pinged to death (unless they like it) — notifications can be tailored by each user.
5. People can design their own work style — the Slack app store offers a variety of bots and apps. 
6. There’s something bigger going on here. Companies who experience a growing legion of Slack-tivists will burn calories working behind Slack to capture and workflow the data exhaust to form an omni-channel understanding of their customers.

Software advancements are making it possible to let users’ make natural choices for themselves. Given that their motivations will generally aim at an easier work life, it’s good for the company and the workers. The age-old problem of outdated data goes away, and APIs make it possible to break down the data silos in complementary tools. The outcome will be unprecedented user adoption, happier customers, and better real time decision making across the board.

I recommend those of you who haven’t joined a Slack team to sign up for Slack today, even if you only use it to manage your family or friends. In a 15 minute stroll through the Slack app store, you’ll see what I mean.


SLINGR makes work life easier by extending Slack automation across all of your business apps. We create happy workers, executives, and customers with our fast, affordable, changeable business automation.