Easily one of my favorite holidays. Thanksgiving, the day that families put on some of their nicest clothes and eat excess amounts of delicious foods while surrounded by loved ones acting like they are perfect. Everyone acts differently on the last Thursday of November, lets be real. Thanksgiving can be considered a Discourse because you act differently on Thanksgiving then you would every other day. You talk differently and you sure do act differently. You can’t be having Grandma know all your deepest secrets. We go around giving hugs even though you know everyone is tired of giving love and affection to each other. You get asked about college countless times and your answer is always “oh my God I love it!” It’s like you’re trying to secure the spot of favorite grandchild and fighting with everyone of your cousins for it. Everyone is not the same person on Thanksgiving, but I think that that is one of the best parts of the holiday. You get a break from everyday life and spend the day being someone different.

I know for sure that I act different on Thanksgiving. I put away the black clothes and holy jeans and take my hair out of the bun and put on my nicest (loosest) shirt and jeans. I do my make-up and even break out the curling iron. I go to my aunts house ready to socialize with everyone and put on my biggest smile. I think we can all relate to something this. Taking on the “Thanksgiving Discourse” is something that everyone does as they grow up. I look as your toddler years as your apprenticeship, then as you grow into a young man or women you enter the Discourse. It is not a hard Discourse to enter because the masters are usually you friends and family and chances are they won’t reject you.

Going to Thanksgiving dinner and going out with your closest friends are two completely different Discourses and I think that we can all see that. I would never talk to my family the way that I talk to my friends. When around my family I usually put my best foot forward and try my hardest to impress everyone. When going out with my friends I do not feel the need to dress to the nines and knock them off their feet. I can be comfortable with them and talk to them how I usually do. Although Thanksgiving can be stressful because you have to be in a whole different Discourse, it’s nice because you get a break from being yourself for a day and get to act completely perfect and brag about yourself and no one even asks about where the “old you” went.

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