To the Boy Who Wore a Trump Shirt Outside the Amy Schumer Show at NYC…

I won’t call you a man, because apparently you laugh at women instead of listening to them. That’s not very manly. You thought it would be hilarious to wear a Trump shirt that reads: “Grab America by the…” I won’t repeat that last word nor will I even give you the honor of calling you “brave” for wearing that shirt outside MSG, where a crowd was leaving a show starring a female stand-up comic. I’m thrilled that you find sexual assault funny enough to joke: “I am not the most popular person here right now.” Is that what you wanted to accomplish? To demean an issue that, I assure you, a good majority of the crowd has experienced? Ridicule women who were out having a good time? To write-off a female comics profession in a (mostly) man-dominated field? To undervalue why Trump’s comments were offensive to her, the audience, basically every decent human being alive?

I wanted to say something to you so bad, to curse you off. “Enjoy living a sexless life with that tiny penis of yours!” I wanted to shout. I was instantly angry when I spotted your smug smile wearing that offensive shirt. The positivity and hope I felt during the show was momentarily altered. The world can’t all be full of misogynistic men, can there? But, thanks to you, I was reminded that while there is good in the world, there are also creeps setting progress back instead of forward.

Is a crowd of women supporting a successful woman (who, mind you, just performed in a packed arena) inferior to you? You’re a misogynist because you spend your night trying to piss-off women for fun. To you, altering a woman’s emotions is just a high for you, trolling for other human beings for no gain is your past time.

I did not say anything. I was not going to give in to you ruining my good time. You knew what you were doing, and I’m not going to change your thinking. Besides, I did not want to miss my train home because I was arguing with a dirty, tone-deaf wall.

I want you to think though, to really think about what you were doing. Is it worth it? What happened to you that made you falsely believe you were superior to everyone? I’m aware I’m not going to change your mind. It pisses me off, but the best way is to ignore you.

When a woman becomes president in a few weeks, it will prove to you: You’re on the wrong side of humanity, bud.