Curling Basics 101: Part 1

Hello everyone! For today’s post, I’ll be writing about everything you need to know about curling hair! Because there are so many things that I want to share with you, I had to divide this blog into two parts!!

For the first part of this blog, I’ll be going through the different types of curling irons and methods and the different sizes of barrels. For the second part, I’ll show you exactly how to use different curling irons and how to style your curls using different products.

Going from the easiest to hardest tool, let’s begin!

1. The Wand (1 inch barrel)

When the wand was invented, I swear, it changed the way I did my hair. Period. This is the easiest curling iron to use by far. This is a 1 inch curling iron and generally, this size barrel works on any hair length. You can control the looseness of the curl by how long you curl your hair for and when you run your fingers through it (right after you curl your hair or waiting to the end to tousle your hair.) I’ll talk about that more on the next blog post. Here is a picture of my hair after using the wand.

With an 1 inch wand, the curls are smaller and looks tighter. If you need to curl your hair for an event or want to do an updo, using an 1 inch wand is the fastest and easiest way to go. With the right products, these curls will last all day long!

2. The Curling Iron w/ Clamp (1 1/2 inch barrel)

The curling iron with the clamp can be one of the easiest tool for hair curling, but if you do not know how to use it, your hair can can look disastrous! I’ve been to so many weddings where I saw so many girls with horrible curls and I know immediately from looking at her hair that she probably used the curler with the clamp. You can tell by the horrible and random “bend” in the hair. Everywhere else in her curls look nice till you get to the end of the hair and you see this “kink.” I’ll do a step by step tutorial on how to use this curler so you will never ever make that mistake again!

The 1 1/2 inch curler creates loose effortless curls. I personally think this size barrel is best on medium to long hair. It’s hard to keep the curls shape on short hair cause the curls loosen throughout the day and if you have fine hair, then it’ll just end up looking straight. I usually use this size curler for more of an everyday look.

3. The Straightener

The straightener is probably the hardest tool to curl hair but it creates the most beautiful, loose curls. I would compare the curls to the wand but the curls don’t look as tight. It creates soft waves more than curls. So if you’re trying to create beach waves, I would go with using the straightener.

Another reason why I love using the straightener is because it’s travel friendly! If you learned how to use a straightener, you wouldn’t have to bring a curling iron and you save space in your luggage!

My favorite tool to curl hair is the straightener because I love the curls that it creates. It’s my favorite by far!

One thing I want to add is that depending on hair texture, curls can come out differently. I have thick, curly hair, therefore my hair curls easily and doesn’t come loose so quickly. If you have straight, fine hair, you’re probably going to have a harder time locking those curls so the curls may look more loose. Understand your hair texture and see which method works for you.

I know this post was more informative, but I felt that I had to educate you about the different curlers and barrels before I went into detail about how to use them. Once you know the types of curls you want, it’ll be easier for you to pick your curler of choice and execute!

On the side note, I got my hair done on Friday! A lot of you guys been asking me where I get it done, so I’ll save you guys the trouble of asking and tell you guys!

I’ve been getting my hair done by Glen for the past two years and I seriously can’t go anywhere else now. If you can’t get an appointment with her, you can book an appointment with any of the other hair stylists because they are awesome and know everything about hair. Everything from cut to color to styling. They got the answer to all your questions!

Thanks for reading this and stay tuned for Part 2! I’ll try to get it up in the next week or two since I’ll be starting school soon so I won’t be as free to work on my blog. But don’t worry, I promise to do a #beautifymeMamaG post once a month! Please let me know if there’s anything you guys want me to write about next! See ya’ll soon!

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