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Blue skies do exist in Beijing! (Shot from Galaxy Soho)

In this article, I analyze and evaluate some of the strategies as well as the do’s and don’ts of breaking into the China market. Much of this below is again based on my academic research and the time I have spent conducting research and working between the states and China since 2015. In this period of time I have played various roles and put on different hats—as researcher and social scientist, other times as management and strategy consultant to startup founders and CEOs from both the states and China, and more recently, working and consulting in the crossborder investment sector.

Side note: at the time of writing, the US and China is still engaged in a trade war, and Cold War era style race for arms has been replaced by the race for tech. From my perspective, both sides will need to compromise. China has been taking advantage of the U.S. in recent years, but the U.S. would be foolish to alienate China. As former Treasury secretary Hank Paulson cautions in a recent speech, the U.S. may find themselves to be the one in isolation if they force their partners and allies to choose. …

Every day I see 100 different Chinas.”- Greg, a Canadian serial entrepreneur who has lived and worked in China over 25 years

I have been working with, meeting, and interviewing CEOs and investors from both China and the US for awhile now as a part of my PhD research, and have had the opportunity to work in both contexts. Most recently was a marketing/HR director for a fintech startup in Beijing that has now transitioned into a crypto hedge fund (glad to report they are doing well after a rough patch last year!), …


Grace Tien

Princeton trained sociologist studying and writing on entrepreneurship, orgs, culture/religion, political economy, social theory, & inequality/poverty .

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