India: The Best Destination for Medical Tourism

Many patients from around the globe are now coming to India to make use of its high quality medical and surgical treatment facilities. Medical tourism is now widely popular in India and conducts various surgeries specially relating to cosmetic, orthopedic, cardiac, neurology, and organ transplant. According to a medical tourism report released in the year 2015, over 2,000,000 foreign patients came to India to seek good medical treatments. This growth can be largely credited to various governmental organisations, hospitals, and travel agencies who worked together to ensure that the patients are well taken care off. Grace Travel Mart provides the best health tourism in India and with our services, you will be under the care of the finest doctors in India. What makes India one of the leading medical destinations of the world is its benefits. Down below, we have listed out the top benefits of getting a medical tourism experience in India.

The Benefits:

· Overall Cost Savings: India offers excellent treatments for patients at competitive rates. Due to high competition, many people can avail to the best treatments in hospitals at reasonable rates. The total medical expenses in hospitals in India are a lot cheaper than the ones found in many Western counties.

· Good Medical Facilities: Hospitals all over the country are equipped with the latest medical equipments and the doctors, medical staffs are highly skilled. They follow the current surgical procedures and diagnosis practised by the doctors in the West. With the assistance of great Kerala travel agents like us, you can be treated in several leading hospitals and clinics in India.

· Lack of Language Barrier Issue: As majority of the people within the country are fluent in English, you would not be facing the problem of trying to make your doctors or nurses understand what you want. They are also extremely friendly and see that you remain comfortable throughout the stay.

India is home to the largest number of doctors and medical personnels in South Asia. Along with its host of high-end hospitals and clinics, there are 1.2 million Allopathic doctors, 2 million nurses, and 0.17 million dental surgeons. Due to its well-staffed hospitals and doctors with expert knowledge, India offers various treatments for patients suffering from a wide variety of diseases. Our amazing India medical treatment packages cover all the treatments provided by the hospitals in India. The treatments you can find in Indian hospitals include the following:

· Cardiothoracic / Cardiovascular Surgeries: The cost of heart surgeries in India is cheaper than most countries in the world and the success rate for these surgeries are between 98 to 99%.

· Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation: Physiotherapy in India is a part of mainstream medicine due to its long lasting and effective treatments. The treatments take care various ailments such as arthritis, frozen shoulder, backache, and different athletic injuries.

· Mental Health and Behavioural Science: With the gradual awareness of mental health around the world, India too is on the rise to treat patients with several mental issues. The hospitals in India are filled with many dedicated psychologists who make use of the latest treatment and diagnostic procedures.

· Plastic Surgery / Reconstructive Surgery: Various plastic and reconstructive surgeries such as eye-lid surgery, rhinoplasty, cleft lip treatment, jaw correction, nerve grafting and finger reconstruction are done in hospitals in India.

· Dental Care / Dental Surgery: Dental care is one of the leading medical tourism sectors in India. As the overall medical expense is cheap, many people prefer to come to India to make use of its high-end dental care and surgery facilities.

· Infertility / Reproductive Medicine: The infertility centres and clinics in India always use state of the art medical facilities. Due to this, the success rate of these treatments has been very high. Like all the other treatments in India, you can avail to the best facilities within reasonable rates.

· Vascular Surgery: Vascular surgery treats diseases of the vascular system. India has several hospitals and speciality clinics where the doctors use the latest diagnostic procedures to treat their patients.

· Urology: The urologists in India are highly skilled to treat various problems relating to the urinary tract. Treatments are good and it follows the current medical practises.

· Skin Treatment: The Dermatology and skin treatment facilities in India are as good as many hospitals from the Western countries. The speciality clinics and hospitals are apt in treating a variety of skin ailments.

You could check our India medical tour packages to get more information on these treatments and the list of hospitals and clinics providing it. All medical tourists must require a medical visa. The initial duration of the visa would be for a year or the period of your treatment. During the course of that one-year only a maximum of 3 entrees can be allowed. The duration would start on the day of issuance and not upon arrival. Here is a list of documents required for obtaining a medical visa.

· Passport Requirements

· Indian Visa Application Form

· Photo Requirements

· Proof of Address

· Medical Requirements

· Financial Requirements

· Country of Origin

Make the most your India trip by booking a medical tour package and availing our services. Our list of specializes include Doctor pre consultation arrangements, Arabic Translator, Hospital/Doctor Appointments, Hotel and Apartment Bookings, Airport meet and greet assistance, taxi services, service of standby staffs, and medical visa support services. A trip to India will help you to cure your ailments right away.