Team Raptors’ Interesting attributes

It is interesting that how some things can influence our insipid lives. One of them is certainly sports and that’s how we came up with our team name. Sports players have always been a strong example of teamwork because the players know that if they can’t count on each other, they can’t win the game. Sports players know that there is no “I” in a team.

We decided to name our team Raptors: birds of prey. I have found everyone to be amiable, adaptable and ambitious. We are a great team of great minds and would never miss feedback from anything you post. I regularly interact with all of my teammates who really teach me a lot. As it’s said, coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress and working together is a success. As a team, we try and reach out to each other. How wonderful is it to celebrate a success with your team? Every day, I get to learn new things, how to solve a problem and this makes me stronger.

One of my team member Davis Kahara has a huge gift of always giving you his time. I feel more comfortable that he can get me and see my point of view. I have been brutally honest about my weaknesses to him and this has helped me hone other valuable skills. Davis is self-assured, reliable and empathic. He has really enlightened my experience. Yesterday I had a problem with my tests, he gladly assisted and helped me understand how to tackle different error encounters. He would make the hardest thing to me look simple. Funny thing about him is he used to own a truck and would drive it in all places around Kenya. I found it really interesting!

Paul Gichuki, having interacted with him for these past few days, I’ve found him to be a good communicator, confident and amiable. We share a lot of resources with each other and give constructive feedback. Something really interesting about him is he is diverse. He would relate differently to a member depending on their interests.

I have interacted with Emmanuel Macharia for a few days and I’ve found him to be very composed. Something really interesting about him is he is far from being self-centred. He will always talk about things that would interest other team members. It’s pretty cool we share common interests and have almost the same attributes.

I have proactively interacted with my Learning Facilitator Assistant, John Mutuma this week. He has really helped me tap into my personal potential. This has helped build a beneficial relationship with him and improve on my communication skills. Feedback being the food of progress, it hasn’t been tasting very good but has been really good for me. I have tapped into my blind spot and gotten the different perspective. I must say he is very interesting and always gives me the urge to push on. 
I Interact with other teams as well to learn more.

Raptors make it happen!