My Journey Home.

Bid Day 2015

Rush was a super intimidating experience and one full of ups and downs. I wasn’t sure greek life was for me and I was nervous that I might not find the right sorority. Many doubts filled my head throughout the whole process. By preference day, I knew that I had found the right fit. On bid day, I couldn't have been more excited to join Chi Omega and gain a family here on campus. So many expectations suround greek life and I was excited to be part of Chi Omega but some of my expectations were wrong. I didn't find my future best friend on bid day. You hear many stories about people finding their best friend right away and I always expected that to happen. Realistically, it takes awhile to get to know people. After a month, I have met many amazing people that I can call friends! It just takes a little work. If there is one take away from this post, it’s that finding your friends might not happen overnight. Whether it’s in a greek community or campus club. I encourage people to give things time and make an effort to meet people. It was outside of my comfort zone but it payed off. I joinned a sorority to gain a community here on campus. I wasn’t sure it would work out but it’s one of my best desiscions so far!

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