The Father Tree

There are moments in life that define you,

Where the tallness of your stories are too tall to tell,

Yet they may be true but they are so full of wonder,

That everyone has a different version.

In these moments it hard to look back and be unhappy,

Everyone loves you and you love everyone,

And the children are sat around in circles,

And you tell the tallest stories you can imagine.

Being the king of a clan is like that in away,

Where your arms are wide open to all who join,

But your back is turned on all those who hurt the pack,

And the masses of family are there to support your every decision,

The bond that was formed by you and all is like a tree and it’s leaves,

The trunk is the base, the one standing up,

But the branches are equally important,

And the branches hold up the twigs on the end,

And the twigs hold up the leaves that glow green,

And then you have one lone tree,

But what make your tree so unique is the markings that go up the bark,

Hearts have been carved into the side of the roots,

And sometimes they have been cut out,

But there is always something new appearing on the wooden surface,

Of the loving but hard tree,

And some years there are termites that bite and gnaw at the roots of your life,

But there are always protectors to scare away the vermin that pester,

For that is how the tree works to save the one thing keeping it standing up right,

But storms knock down trees everyday,

And what happens when it knocks down yours,

The stump is still there to live out the legacy,

But the branches and twigs and leaves are scattered to live on their own,

News trees are grown from the storm that scatters,

For high pumping winds blow seeds,

And the new trunk is stretching tall in the sky,

And new tales start to spread around,

No one however will ever forget,

The father tree that started it all,

The stump that raised the sons and daughter trees,

Helps the new ones to grow tall,

All though the rings of the tree stopped expanding,

The rings in our heart grow bigger each day,

For the father tree that started it all,

And the tales that grow so tall.

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