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Yesterday I got back into bed. I wasn’t feeling well, so listened to my body and stopped pressuring myself to stay up and do work in such a state. However, when I got back into bed, the pressure mounted up, and I felt bad for being in bed — it is a never-ending cycle! How do you stop the pressure? Well here’s how to stop putting pressure on yourself.

Firstly, here’s the poem from my new debut paperback about pressure:

The pressure is everywhere,

Like a thief in the night sparking fright, it takes away every last slice of delight.

The pressure pushes us to perceive ourselves as failures before even…

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So I’ve just published my second book, and a lot of people’s reactions are:

How do you do it?

So I’m here to tell you the three things you need to eliminate to get in the writing zone because you need no distractions, but you and your place of creativity. Let’s get to it.

People who are going to talk to you

In human intercourse the tragedy begins, not when there is a misunderstanding about words, but when silence is not understood. — Henry David Thoreau

This may be a personal thing, but I had to be alone when I was writing my book. Of course, now and then (most likely for a cup of tea break!), I would have spoken to my ex and gotten his opinion on some stuff too, but I couldn’t handle anyone being around for the writing part to talk to me. …

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First things first: This isn’t going to be a habit breaker and tell you to wake up at 5 am to do sports, meditation, run for an hour. No, it’s going to be simple. Being in a mental clinic and suffering from depression for the past few months, I know how hard it can be to get out of bed, so these few tips will help you a lot, trust me.

Here’s 1 thing to do every morning to feel more alive because:

“We cannot put off living before until we are ready” — Jose Gortega

Give yourself time to wake up

Most people wake up and are alert straight away. Research shows the average person takes 15 minutes to be awake, alert, alive. It can take up to four hours (we all have that friend who takes forever to be a full functioning human!). …

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Should is a nasty word. It makes us feel shame, guilt, and all those treacherous emotions that don’t help keep the hope alive. Being in a mental clinic has made me feel every emotion possible and buried me in the worst-case scenarios of “should’ve been” — especially on my birthday, Christmas, new years spent here. Here’s how to stop saying should’ve been and feeling bad, because you deserve to delight in everything that will be.

Become aware of your narrative

First things first, we all have that voice (or two) in our heads. You can either befriend it, or it may become your worst enemy as it did for me at one point. But when in a mental clinic, I realised I am in control. No matter how much shit your mind chats (and it’s a lot!), I can become aware of what should’ve been but not let it make me feel small or inadequate. …

Sunday afternoon for coffee and cake,

What else is there to do and make?

Coffee and cake make you feel calm,

After an hour it rings the alarm.

The alarm…

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We might have days when there is nothing on our mind to say and share. I question if someone will want to hear what I want to say, so don’t say anything at all. The short answer is there’s a light inside of you — in all of us waiting to be sparked up.

My three short and sweet mindful tactics zap me back into finding something. So here’s how to write when you don’t have anything to say because:

“Even if you have nothing to write, write and say so” — Marcus Tullius Cicero

Look out the window

Nature is always there. Yes, you will find it is there to stop and stare. Other than that, it is also there to fuel your inspiration and spark your soul. When you allow nature to tap into your creativity, you might find yourself writing a poem about the trees or the leaves flowing in the trees. …

The typical picture you may have as a mental clinic is probably screaming and shouting. Ok, so you’re not far off, but there’s more behind the dull and dim lit place. Spending my birthday here wasn’t my plan, but it happened and here’s what its like to have your birthday in a mental clinic.

This year I didn’t want anything for my birthday nor did I really want to acknowledge it. Purely from that shows I’m not in the right heads pace, but that’s OK. Instead, I’m in a clinic surrounded by loud characters and here’s what I’ve learnt.

Coffee and tea on tap

When being woken up by my rackety roommate, I steadily got out of bed to brush my teeth and wash my face (tasks that I find hard to do currently).The smell of coffee got me quickly to sit down at the table and eat the same bread rolls and condiments we get given everyday. The coffee quickly ran out as the guy next to me drank his portion from a cereal bowl a few times over. Even then, his eyes were still drooped like mine from the meds. …

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My grandmother has fallen sick, so I returned to the Black Forest in Germany to help her out for a few days. It’s hard but humbling. From helping her with simple daily chores such as eating and drinking to speaking and moving, I am learning a lot.

Daily, we experience the luxuries of our everyday body and mind functions without even noticing. We are blessed. Sat here watching her sleep peacefully and notice the sweet stillness around me beckons me to share this with you to boost gratitude and grace. …

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I’ve not been writing due to imposter syndrome hitting me from all angles. I will wake up and sit down to then be told I am not good enough in comparison to other writer’s, so what’s the point?

This other voice in my head hurts. Have you had it before, too?

The syndrome sends us into a state of doubting, disbelieving. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it is a feeling that your achievements are not real, nor do you deserve the praise. …



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