Weekly Journal 10/26/17

Reading for Class 10/22/17

Many of elements from his journey have been adapted into to modern culture. Spongebob made a reference to the bag of winds when Patrick and Spongebob we’re trying to get home. It is interesting what modern authors and artists choose to pick for their works of art. I think most people do not appreciate the value of Ancient Greek literature.

Books 9–12

I do not remember the book, but Odysseus was pleading his case on why the Phaeacians should help him get home. During his plead, he mentions his parents and the land he left behind. He does not mention the lamenting he’s had for his wife or that he wants to see his son for the first time. I think Odysseus thought if he omitted certain details of his life that they would help him sail home.

When Odysseus and his men reach Cicones, they steal from them with greed. I believe in karma. You get good things when you put out good things. I do not think that stealing from the people of Cicones was the right way to return him in a timely manner.

It was very insightful that we actually got to here the story of Odysseus’ journey. The readers are told certain things and are left to infer the rest. It was implied that Odysseus actually wanted to with Calypso at some point during his stay with her. It is also revealed why Poseidon is against Odysseus going home. Odysseus blinded Poseidon’s son.

Odysseus’ crew is very idiotic. Every step of the way, they made bad decisions that directly affected Odysseus’ journey home. They were close to Ithaca but his crew opened the bag of winds and they were blown away from Ithaca. They get turned into by Circe because they fell for her trap. Since Odysseus is loyal and feels responsible for them, he has to rescue them from Circe.

Question 1

Odysseus agreed to tell his story to the Phaeacians because he believes that they can help him get home to Ithaca. Without Odysseus telling his story the reader would never knows what happens to him. Also, it would never be revealed why Poseidon was mad with Odysseus. The stories of his journey serve as entertainment.

Class 10/23/17

I liked the comparison you made about Zeus and Odysseus. Upon his arrival to Ithaca, Odysseus plays the role of a god, who tests the hospitality of the people he comes across. Throughout this poem, Odysseus has been referred or confused to be a god.

The Odysseus is referenced all the time. I watch Dear White People but I missed the reference to Odysseus. I feel like the father is like every black parent who wants the best for their children. I am sure I have a similar conversation with my parents.

Reading for Class 10/25/17

Book 13–14

I do not understand why Odysseus had to mention his name to Polyphemus. Trickster characters love to be recognized for their great tricks but he would have been home sooner than ten years.

Question 1

In Greek culture, being civilized is equated to how hospitable people are. Odysseus woke up and did not know where he was. Some of his first thoughts concerned the hospitality of the Phaeacians and the people of the island he just landed on. Odysseus threatens to tell Zeus of the Phaeacians not being hospitable. The importance of hospitality is seen with Odysseus’ interaction with Athena. She was disguised and Odysseus did not know who she was. He prays to Zeus because she was the first person to approach him.

Not many of the people that Odysseus has encountered have been very hospitable. The people of Cyclopes were not hospitable at all. They eat Odysseus’ crew. Odysseus and his crew were not very respectful to begin with.

Question 2

Odysseus learns so many things in his journey to the underworld. He learns that his mother has died. Since she died, he will not be able to have a full homecoming upon his return to Ithaca. He saw Agamemnon, who told Odysseus about how his wife’s suitor killed him. Odysseus knows that could be his fate if he goes to Ithaca without disguising his true identity. He sees Ajax, who killed himself after he lost a competition to Odysseus. Many souls tried to get Odysseus to speak to their family members that are still alive.

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