My First Blog Post

I sat for a while and wondered, what on the earth should I write about in my first blog? I thought of maybe I should write some serious issue and then realized….haaaa bad idea (Serious…so unlike me).

After 2 long hours I managed to gulp four cups of caffeine (that I am totally addicted too) and some munchies to go with it and guess what I was still clueless about the topic. I used the most awesome invention — Google, which clearly did not serve my purpose. Then I thought I should just go with the flow and write whatever comes to my mind.

I am extremely expressive but yet I prefer few people to see the real or should I say the crazy side of me. I just can’t keep my mouth shut (that is a huge problem, believe me) however, I managed to bag a perfect job with this problem — “A Soft Skill Trainer”. It’s amusing to observe people and try and identify ‘why they do, what they do’. Especially people who are difficult to understand and super difficult to crack. What’s the fun in getting something that’s easily accessible?

I could annoy some people in this process but at the end, I manage to find an awesome person or a friend in all those hidden layers. I term it as my ‘Project of the Month or Months’ (depends on how complicated the case is). It gives you an insight into things you might never perceive about the person when you interact for the first time. And the best part is the project himself doesn’t know that he is one (I could be cruel at times).

My take away so far is ‘every action has a reaction’ but we fail to understand ‘every reaction could also have a hidden reason’. Not everyone choose to be the way they are or become what they are. Bad past experiences or even a difficult situation can change it all. ‘Coping mechanism’ is the key word.

Oh I did manage getting serious at the end.

Do write to me if anything mentioned above makes any sense to you. I would love to hear your views.