How to Think About Investing in Open Source
Nadia Eghbal

I think that this perspective is more like a “how will open source survive capitalism?”

Well, not all open source projects aim to be big and/or profitable. Developers are also investing in open source when they work on it and don’t expect to take any money from it. However, the “value” that the developer get participating in these projects is worth nothing to a capitalist view. Unless it is analysed in a indirect way, like to build portfolio or something like that.

Open source is like knowledge. When you put a profit objective on it, things can go south. Private schools (at least in my country) advertise that theirs students are successful in the market and focus only on this perspective. But if the school is made to give you knowledge, prepare the individual for life, this way of teaching shouldn’t be the only one.

Knowledge is something beautiful. The more you share it with people, the more it grows. I think that the way you put it, open source can become like a commodity, something to serve only to the interest of the investors.

Sorry if my writing is confusing, discussing about such a complicated matter in a second language can be very hard.