Loving Someone Takes Real Strength.

When we think of love, we always tend to create it’s picture to be a blissful phenomenon. Something that would have a heartfelt beginning and then a beautiful story following that. Something that breathes oxygen to that part of life and makes us want to live life to the fullest. 
Not every love story is like that.

I think, hope and wish you know that.

Some love never get to their lover’s ears and often go unheard and unnoticed. Some kinds of love tend to break off very soon in the presence of an early turmoil and the rest of the path goes unexplored. Sometimes, one feels the intensity more in depth and the other not quite the same. Ultimately there remains no match. Some lovers as much as they can try, can never be together. Their relationship would be forced to come to a standstill and be independent in two unconnected ways. Sometimes, the love that is so soul felt, never makes sense to the one it’s intended for. Some people just don’t work out together. They just can’t.

These are some darker and sad parts of a lover’s journey. They stand as truths nevertheless. 
Guided by the fairy tales of our childhood and the dreams of our young adolescent age, our idea of love has undergone a series of levels. Love has been portrayed as rational, irrational, logical, ethical, passionate, flings, all sustaining, lust, attraction, a dream, an emotion, but above all of this rests the term reality.

Love is a reality. Loving someone takes real strength. Sustaining a love story needs real moments. To keep the conversation going you need real actions to back it up.

Don’t we start dreaming and try creating real illusions for ourselves and without any further delay reality knocks at our minds and wakes our eyes up. 
No matter how much of love you give away, it’s never enough. 
No matter how much of love you receive, it’s never enough. 
Some say, love doesn’t makes sense but the same people mention it’s enough to keep the human race striving forward.

No single couple in the society loves every habit of their partner.

Each of the perks and hallmarks that they posses is simply accepted by the other because they made a choice to love. If we looked for a perfect personality, then life would definitely be hard to live in togetherness. 
Each one within themselves own a belief system, a set of ideologies, aims, desires and purposes of life. 
Finding someone who takes all of that into their life and respecting them as well, is a task. But once you do, make sure to never let go of that.

People are hard to live with but it’s harder to live alone.

It’s not just accepting but dealing with each other. It’s a straight face truth filled statement. And that’s where compromises, adjustments and understanding paves a way for the relationship to survive. Not everyone can do that with you. You have to make a choice each and every morning when you open your eyes to carry out that action.

Remember, you’re a hard and a sick person too. Just like the neighbour standing in front of you. Every soul in this planet carries a dose of luggage with books titled as -past. 
Tons of our decisions lead to hard consequences. Guilt is an added bonus to it. Surprise!

When you make a full fledged and a mind alert decision to love someone, remember you’re taking a step to pour out kindness to that person who may have done some horrible things in life. You’re telling that you’ll forgive them for the mistakes they might do in the future, you’re putting your foot down and saying that with all the flaws they are etched upon with, they still look beautiful and hands down they deserve to be loved. You give them a chunk of yourself knowing that it might get hurt one day, but the good part is the real ones still stick around and find a way to stay.

That’s how love changes us.

You see, at some point, life will unfurl all your scars, wounds, downfalls, the wrecked chapters, the achievements and heart attacking tales. The choice lies in the individual’s hands whether or not to accept the unhealed pains.

It’s a tricky game, my mate. The are no rules yet we fail and win. It’s the most comfortable thing you’ll feel. Another moment, it’ll be a pit from where you would want to run away. And sometimes you wonder why this ever happened to you.

Falling in love with a human is a beautiful and a complex art. It’s a miracle that walks parallel to your heartbeat and helps you live your life.

Make the most of it.