KINGSTON. Ont. (17.12.15)- Philip Hickey and his son Dante Hickey enjoy their time at the St. Vincent de Paul Society volunteer Christmas party after a year of donating their time with the non profit organization. Photo by Grace Postma

Symmetry and balance.

When it comes to composition, I like to pay special attention to the balance and symmetry of the photo. For example, in the image above, the moment captured is the exchange between a father and his son at a Christmas party. In order to draw the viewer’s eye to their faces, I framed the two between other party guests to give context. Most elements in the image reflect in the centre line of the frame so the Christmas tree and stocking in the middle represent the mirror line and the two faces most prominent are close to this line to get the bulk of the attention drawn to that centre point of the frame.

Each side has a different feel to it, on the side with the young son there is more colour and the other party guest is wearing a bright festive hat. The table had brighter objects on it to represent youth, while the other side with the father has more subdued colours, more practical and mature. This isn’t a part of the photo that is very symmetrical, but it does represent a deeper message in the roles the two play in their environment.

When I was shooting this event, the father and son were very close, they goofed around and talked lots throughout their time there. Dante, the young boy, seemed to look up to his father and showed respect for him. In the photo I shot of the pair the relationship between them reflects that, given that the boy is literally looking up to his father and they had eye contact as his father talks to him.

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